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Advanced Public Relations and Excellence in Listening, Dialogue, Interaction and Syntactic Communication.

REF: C8309  DATES: 17 - 21 Mar 2019  VENUE: London (UK)-Premier inn Victoria  FEE: 4500 


In the world of international business, public relations affect all types of large and small organizations locally and internationally, whatever type of business, whether commercial, non-commercial, charitable or public sector. In this course we direct those who enter or aspire to enter into international public relations the necessary and modern methods to create a successful public relations campaign.

The overall objective:

  • To identify the nature and importance of public relations in the new international challenges.
  • A detailed presentation of the people of external sources in general and that can be used to carry out acts of international public relations.
  • Practice protocol rules, the ceremony and etiquette rules locally and internationally.
  • Mastery of effective communication skills.
  • Develop the spirit of teamwork among participants, and increase the degree of group cohesion.
  • Consolidate the values of the team and unify the vision among the team members, thus increasing the effectiveness of the teams.
  • Reduce friction and conflict between teams within the group.

The scientific content :

  • The overall picture and general impression.
  • Reflective image.
  • The current image is required.
  • Common and multiple image.
  • Knowledge and understanding.
  • Raise interest and accept the situation.
  • Sympathy.
  • Reasons for hiring an international consulting firm for public relations.
  • Public relations consultants association (PRCA).
  • Advantages of using an international public relations consulting firm.
  • Disadvantages of using a consulting firm.
  • Evaluation of the situation.
  • Determining the goal.
  • Select audience.
  • Selection of means.
  • Program Evaluation.
  • Budgets.
  • Information Network (Local International) Opportunities and Risks.
  • Email and how to deal with it.
  • The art of designing and preparing media materials.
  • Designing public relations pages on international information networks.
  • The art of public opinion and media by email.
  • Preparation of databases on international public relations.
  • The nature of human beings and their human needs.
  • Reception skills and etiquette.
  • VIP styles.
  • Skills of preparing and drafting invitations and preparing for meetings and seminars.
  • VIP visits.
  • A practical laboratory in the management of international public relations.
  • The concept and nature of the importance of administrative communication.
  • Foundations, elements and means of administrative communication.
  • Obstacles of administrative communication and ways to avoid them.
  • Reciprocal relations and their impact on the process of direct communication.
  • Communications and written orders Notes / resolutions / reports.
  • Visual Communication Skills Effective presentation and presentation.
  • Skills of persuasion and influence in others.
  • Skills to deal with different types of people.
  • Management Objectives the importance of management in the contemporary business environment.
  • Leadership Leader ship - Elements of Effective Leadership - Leadership Importance Leadership Types.
  • The role of the leader in increasing the efficiency of the performance of the business.
  • Advanced management and leadership skills - Skills necessary to master the art of leadership.
  • Challenges facing leaders and managers Effective management challenges.
  • The nature and importance of the task forces.
  • Characteristics and cohesion of task forces.
  • Communication between members of the group.
  • Meaning of effective communication among team members.
  • Effective decision making within the group.
  • Decision making methods between the individual and the group.
  • Managing and coping with conflict and conflicts among Task Force members.
  • The concept of organizational conflict.
  • Closing of the program.
17 - 21 Mar 2019
London (UK)
Premier inn Victoria

Premier inn Victoria

Premier inn Victoria


Advanced Public Relations and Excellence in Listening, Dialogue, Interaction and Syntactic Communication.

London (UK)

COURSE DATES: 17 - 21 Mar 2019
Address: Premier inn Victoria


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