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Maintenance, Inspection, Testing, Corrosion, Painting, Turnaround & Industrial Services

Advanced management to measure and develop maintenance projects and raise their efficiency.

REF: O12397  DATES: 13 - 17 Oct 2019  VENUE: Amsterdam (Netherlands)  FEE: 4500 


Course Objectives:

  • Understand and plan maintenance and set up schedules and controls required to manage maintenance during operation.
  • Understand the maintenance, planning, schedules, and work control methods required to manage maintenance during work breaks.
  • Evaluate how the maintenance management system that works with the automated account contributes to the enhancement and support of the immediate information for maintenance planning and the preparation of schedules and control systems effectively.
  • Evaluate the practical requirements for the maintenance management system that operates using the automated account.
  • Evaluate and develop the most advanced maintenance strategy and procedures necessary to make maximum use of the spare parts and how the specialized systems that operate using the computer will facilitate these activities.

It also aims to identify the scientific methods to evaluate the performance of maintenance management where it is limited to business and tasks assigned to maintenance management.

The quantitative and qualitative indicators are also reviewed, indicating the effectiveness of the maintenance management work. Through the application of that knowledge, it is expected that there will be adverse feedback to address any performance imbalance or to improve the effectiveness of the work.

Identify the modern methods and systems used in maintenance engineering:

Gain an understanding of what the modern maintenance engineering system achieves:

  • Learn what reliability – centered Maintenance, and other type of new engineering maintenance.

The general frame:

  • Identify the basics of maintenance management systems.
  • Identify types and strategies of maintenance and factors affecting them.
  • Prepare project engineers to work as maintenance engineers.
  • Identify the appropriate maintenance method of the facility and how it can.
  • Renew whichever is better: self-maintenance or contractual maintenance.
  • Clarifying the types of maintenance contracts. - Requirements to be met in Contract according to the FIDIC formula.
  • Preparation of maintenance contracts documents. - Identify strategies Maintenance Contractor.
  • Evaluation of Maintenance Bids. - Supervision of maintenance contracts.
  • Securing spare parts through maintenance contracts. - Receipt and delivery of the site in maintenance contracts.
  • Preparation of the necessary specifications for the purchase of computer programs to manage maintenance works.
  • Evaluating the available computer programs and selecting the most suitable ones.
  • A review of a computer maintenance program.
  • Open a dialogue among participants to share experiences on the program topics:

    - Calculation of maintenance effectiveness indicators.

   - Setting appropriate standards for measuring performance.

   - Develop plans for preventive maintenance and follow up those plans.

   - Develop plans for the maintenance of stops and pillars and follow-up implementation.

   - Flexibility in modifying contingency plans.

   - Evaluating the financial and accounting performance of the maintenance department.

   - Performance evaluation of inventory management of spare parts.

The workshop includes the general criteria for maintenance evaluation and how to prepare the necessary data for such evaluation. - To develop preventive maintenance plans, maintenance of repairs and maintenance, maintenance of stops and follow-up of these plans and flexibility in preparing them for emergency. - Measurement of financial and accounting performance as well as performance measurement for inventory management and availability of spare parts upon request as a service level.

The Concept: Maintenance Management, Managing Maintenance as a Business:

Maintenance Functions and Types of Maintenance.

Is Preventive Maintenance Necessary?

  • Predictive Maintenance.
  • Productive Maintenance.
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Computer – based Maintenance.
  • Breakdown and Failure Finding.
  • Change the way of system operation.
  • Definition the Functions and Performance Criteria.
  • Planning and Scheduling of Maintenance Activities.
  • Using Performance Based Estimates.
  • Course Review via Case Study.
  • Course Review.
  • Maintenance and Repair.
  • Planned Maintenance.
  • Building a Shutdown Planning.
  • Estimating Methods.
  • Planning Economics.
  • Dealing With Delays.
  • Prioritizing Maintenance Work.
  • Dealing with Emergencies.
  • Maintenance Calendars.
  • Weekly and Daily Schedules.
  • Definitions and Diagramming Methods.
  • Determining the Critical Path and the Importance of float (slack).
  • Balancing Downtime and Shutdown Costs.
13 - 17 Oct 2019
Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Advanced management to measure and develop maintenance projects and raise their efficiency.

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

COURSE DATES: 13 - 17 Oct 2019


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