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Best Preventive Maintenance Management Practices Technology & Management Practices

REF: O9270  DATES: 25 Feb - 1 Mar 2018  VENUE: Paris (France)  FEE: 4500 


Program Content

This program presents to you the whole skill set required to put in place and manage Preventive Maintenance in your facilities.

This program treats the topic of preventive maintenance as a multidiscipline problem – looking at the needs from the Maintenance, Production, Engineering, Management, Legal, Audit and Environment viewpoints.

This program looks as the Good and Best Practices for Preventive Maintenance: Technical, Planning and Management Processes.

At the end of the program the participant will prepare an action plan to implement an effective Preventive Maintenance System in his organization.

Program Outcomes and Take-Away/s

Euro Training is in the business of  providing practical useful training programs. Programs that...

  1. Help the participant gain Multi-discipline understanding of the issues so that he can incorporate the needs and expectations of all his stakeholders/ customers in his improvement proposals and actions.

  2. Help build a knowledge framework in which job related experience can be caught and remembered as his experience.

  3. Help the participant implement improvements in his organization.

  4. Help the participant prepare a Customized Action Plan he could implement in his work.

Benefits to Organization

Sending participant/s to this program will benefit the organization in the following ways

  1. Quickly makes the participants competent, effective and productive on his job. This program is useful for...

    1. Training New Employees

    2. Competency Building in Existing Employees Transferred to a New Assignment

    3. Competency Building Where Existing Employee is Promoted (or Planned to be Promoted) to a New Job.

    4. Training Prior to a New Project or Initiative Planned in the Organization

  2. Create Competency in the employee to perform his job well by Understanding Relevant...

    1. Technical Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

    2. Organizations' Strategic Objectives

    3. Needs and Expectations of the Stakeholders/ Customers (internal & external)

    4. Good Management Practices

    5. Opportunities to Exceed Stakeholder/ Customer Expectations

  3. Create a pool of trained manpower who can cost-effectively disseminate the knowledge to large number of employees inside the organization. This is made possible by Euro Training's unique easy to understand and use methodology based on Checklist & Quality Assurance Approaches.

  4. Euro Training Limited's Instructors have been Specially Trained and Briefed in Above Instructional Expertise.

  5. Euro Training Instructors often act as mentors for your trained employees. A most effective way to ensure effective competency development and application by your motivated staff. We do have consultants available across Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa (Please inquire about our post program mentoring plans)

  6. Our Instructors Can Work with Your Senior Executives in their Own Work Settings and Observe, Study,  Guide and Conduct One-to-One Training Sessions. (Please inquire about our Senior Executive Coaching Programs)

Participant Individual Career Benefits

  1. You gain a multi-discipline understanding of the issues. Meaning when you make proposals and decisions on your related job you will keep in mind the needs and expectations of ALL the stakeholders/ customers (internal & external)

  2. The action plan you take away will help you make a difference in your business unit or organization. This difference when added to your resume will make you a prime candidate for career advancement in your own organization or in your next job/s.

  3. Understanding and acting with understanding of the Needs and Expectations of your stakeholders/ customers is known to enhance Job Satisfaction and reduce Monday Morning Blues.

  4. As one of your stakeholders/ customers is Executive Management, therefore the program ensures you will know and appreciate the Strategic Imperatives that Drive the Organization's Efforts in your relevant job area. In the process enabling you to make a leadership contribution in your area of work or your organization. If you are an academician the program will help you understand the multi-discipline aspects of the issues - enabling you to become a more effective and practical faculty member on that subject..

25 Feb - 1 Mar 2018
Paris (France)


Best Preventive Maintenance Management Practices Technology & Management Practices

Paris (France)

COURSE DATES: 25 Feb - 1 Mar 2018


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