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Project, Contract & Procurement Seminars

Contractual, Technical & Managerial Skills for Contract Professionals

REF: P9047  DATES: 18 - 22 Aug 2019  VENUE: Muscat (Oman)  FEE: 2500 


In this program you will learn about...

This program covers the skills required for Contract Managers to perform their job function Effectively Efficiently.

It also includes:

  • Protecting Your Project Your Organization, Using New Methodologies Techniques, Computer Tools Winning Negotiating Strategies
  • ISO-9000 Quality Assurance Compliance.
  • Management Improvement
  • Review Design of Agreements
  • Ensuring Compliance with Contractual Terms
  • Preparation and Evaluation of Claims for Delays, Cost Compensations Variation Orders.

By the end of the course, participants will also be able to...

  • Examined and Discussed the purpose, requirements and conditions of contracts, including contracts for supply, maintenance and construction work.
  • Reviewed the skills needed to award and manage contracts effectively, whether these contracts are related to projects or the purchase of products and services.
  • Review Design Agreements.
  • Ensure Compliance with Contractual Terms.
  • Prepare and Evaluate Claims for Delays, Cost Compensations Variation Orders.

He will learn about the Best Worldwide Practices in Contract Management:

  • Methodology
  • Planning
  • Tools and Technology Issues
  • Management Issues 

Program Content:

  • How this Program Can do Wonders for You and Your Department.
  • Understand the Processes taking place on Contracts.
  • Best Industry Practices.
  • Tools and Techniques.
  • Set up a Management System for Contracts section (Systematic Organizing, Control & Improvement).
    • How to…
      • Improve Effectiveness Productivity on your Contracts?
      • Develop Capabilities in your Contract Supervision and Control Staff to make sure they understand the "Why", "How", "When" and "What Not to.." of Effective Contract Management?
      • Implement and Supervise Effective Contract Practices – avoiding the pitfalls that lead to delays, disruptions, increased costs and disputes.
      • Negotiate Competitive and Noncompetitive Contracts to Get the Best Deals.
      • Develop Continuous Improvement Excellence in Contract Management in your organization.
    • Contract Management: the problem areas.
    • What is Quality Assurance in Contract Management.
    • Types of Contracts :
      • Supply, Maintenance, Construction
      • Fixed Price or Reimbursable Cost
      • EPC
      • For each type…associated…
        • Productivity Risks
        • Financial Risks
        • Main Conditions of Contract
        • Other Areas of Concern
    • Purpose, Content, Procedure and What Can Go Wrong in Contract Processes…
      • Prequalification
      • The Tendering Process
      • Evaluation of Tenders
      • Flowcharting the Processes
      • Pre-Qualification and ISO-9000
    • Preparing the Contract Plan
    • Negotiating Strategy and Tactics...
      • Pre-award Negotiations
      • Negotiation of Changes and Variation Orders
      • Negotiating Disputes and Claims
      • Win-Win Philosophy
      • Expectations Changing Expectations
      • Planning Preparation
      • Tricks others may play
    • Administering Contracts...
      • The Business Legal Environment
      • The Problem Areas
      • Do’s and Don’ts
      • Letters Notices
      • Documentation
      • Productivity Killer Attitudes
      • Programs, Progress, Delivery Schedules and Expediting
      • Quality and Substitutes
      • Variation Orders
    • Claims and Counter-Claims...
      • What are they?
      • Minimizing Claims
      • Your Counter Claims
        • Penalty Liquidated Damages
        • Consequential Losses
        • Insurance
        • Warranty
        • Guarantees
    • How to effectively use lessons learn’t on a Contract.
    • Preparing Tender Documents
      • Standardization
      • Various Sections – their purpose and significance
  • Finally we will give a thought to…
    • Cost-Benefit Approach to Decisions
    • Longer term interests of company
    • Benefits of Supplier Development
    • Emerging Contract and Procurement Philosophies.
18 - 22 Aug 2019
Muscat (Oman)


Contractual, Technical & Managerial Skills for Contract Professionals

Muscat (Oman)

COURSE DATES: 18 - 22 Aug 2019


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