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Health, Safety & Security

Energy Management System (BS EN 16001/ISO 50001 Development and Implementation)

REF: S7009  DATES: 21 - 25 Jul 2019  VENUE: Dubai (UAE)  FEE: 2500 


Energy and Carbon Management are now seen as essential aspects of successful organisational management. The use of energy resources is fundamental to our outcomes, however often little time is given to its management and control even though the pressures are ever present to reduce organisational costs and usage of resources plus minimisation of perceived environmental impact.

Energy Management, on a day by day basis, is neither overly complex nor difficult once the necessary practices and methodologies, suitable for the organisation, have been learnt and applied.

  • Understand the process of Energy Management.
  • Learn about the International Energy Management Standard (ISO 50001).
  • Reduce operational costs, Carbon footprint and Environmental Impact.
  • Network with others wishing to take control of this aspect of their organisation.
  • Learn from an international Energy Management practitioner.

The Goals:

The objectives of this course can be summarised as follows:

  • To understand where energy resources come from.
  • To identify energy ‘Waste’.
  • To gain expertise in managing the resource once it comes on site.
  • To enrol all organisational colleagues in the day to day management of energy resources.
  • To demonstrate to all parties (Customers and Suppliers) the best practices being carried out.

The Process:

The programme will be based on a series of PowerPoint modules each supported with exercises and occasional practical exercises involving the delegates.

Delegates will partake in a series of 90 mins. approx. units / modules which will use:

  • PowerPoint material.
  • Videos.
  • Discussions.
  • Case Studies and examples.
  • Role playing in groups based on sample material.
  • Exercises Physical example energy audit of local premises.

The Benefits:

  • A developed ability to identify and prioritise energy wasteful activities and practices.
  • A developed understanding of the contribution that can be made by every member of staff (at ALL levels).
  • An ability to gather, process and analyse data and relate it to other aspects of organisational levels of activity.
  • An ability to develop and project manage solutions that will enhance organisational performance.
  • Improved individual managerial performance and expertise.

The Results:

  • Effective analysis of how where and when energy resources are employed.
  • The ability to create a Policy / Strategy for cost reduction.
  • Better personnel relationships and involvement / awareness.
  • Compliance with Internationally recognised business practices.
  • The foundation of methodologies to support future (or current Carbon and Green House Gas reporting).

The Core Competencies:

  • Develop Policies and Strategies.
  • Understand Objectives and Targets related to resource usage.
  • Recording and responding to variations from short period budgets.
  • Establishing effective metering approaches.
  • Staff development and Training.

Programme Content:

Energy Overview:

  • Energy & the Environment.
  • Energy laws, regulations and procedures.
  • Energy Language.
  • Carbon Emissions.
  • Energy Standards.
  • Energy applications.

Energy Data & Management:

  • Invoices.
  • Metering.
  • Data manipulation and interpretation.
  • Management output.
  • Using data.
  • Evaluation Management competency.

Energy Auditing / Review:

  • Auditing process.
  • Simple Auditing.
  • Management Auditing.
  • Detailed Auditing.
  • Process Assessment.
  • Equipment and activity Assessment.

Monitoring and Targeting:

  • Using raw data.
  • Establishing connections with activity levels.
  • Benchmarks / KPIs.
  • Regression Analysis and CuSum.
  • Establishing budgets and targets for consumption.
  • Automatic Monitoring & Targeting / Reporting.

People power:

  • Sources of help & guidance.
  • Enrolling Staff members.
  • Making Policy & Strategy work.
  • Partnerships.
  • Information / communication.
21 - 25 Jul 2019
Dubai (UAE)


Energy Management System (BS EN 16001/ISO 50001 Development and Implementation)

Dubai (UAE)

COURSE DATES: 21 - 25 Jul 2019


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