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Health, Safety & Security

Environmental Management Certificate

REF: S7013  DATES: 18 - 22 Feb 2018  VENUE: Singapore  FEE: 5000 


The Course

No business can sustain a policy that is unfriendly to either the environment or the safety of people or the safety of society. There is ever increasing pressures from society and legislation for businesses to maintain production processes that are environmentally friendly. This is a course certified by the International Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and gives a sound qualification for all managers in environmental management.

Professionals must be able to appreciate the environmental effects of production and how these issues relate to climate change, biodiversity, and environmental pollution. The course covers such areas and the relationship between environmental protection and production efficiency, environmental management techniques, legislation and emergency response.

Delegates attending the course will learn about:

  • Environmental legislation
  • Environmental management
  • Waste minimization and pollution prevention
  • The types of emergencies that have effects on the environment
  • How to plan an environmental management program

The Goals

  • To understand the business benefits of sound environmental management
  • To appreciate the environmental management systems
  • To know how legislation and international conventions effect businesses
  • Become knowledgeable of environmental terms
  • Understand the process of waste minimisation

The Process

This is an intensive six day seminar. It is an active program that requires group exercises and discussions with a mixture of speaker input to facilitated discussions and an emphasis on delegate involvement at all times. Optional but necessary to gain certification by CIEH is the passing of an exam on the 6th day.

The Benefits

Delegates attending the course will gain:

  • An Internationally recognized certificate
  • Confidence in dealing with environmental issues
  • Knowledge on Environmental Management systems
  • Sound understanding of environmental effects from production processes
  • Appreciation of integrating Environment issues within the management systems

The Results

The company that sends personnel to this seminar will gain because:

  • Environmental conscious employees will reduce costs
  • Employees will understand of how environmental consequences can be reduced of the surety that the company will follow best environmental practices
  • The employees will realize the legal implications of poor environmental management
  • The employees will be able to cascade the knowledge gained and increase their ability to respond flexibly to changing circumstances

The Core Competencies

  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Legislation
  • Context of Environment
  • Environmental Policy
  • Emergency Planning

The Programme Content

Environmental Context

  • How humans interact with the environment
  • Definitions: ‘climate change’, ‘air’, ‘water and land pollution’, ‘biodiversity’ and ‘depletion of natural resources’
  • The costs of environmental pollution
  • The hydrological cycle and the carbon cycle
  • Resource Consumption
  • Waste minimization

Environmental Legislation & Management

  • Key aspects and requirements of UK legislation
  • Environmental Protection Act, IPPC, PPC
  • European directives and national legislation impact on commercial activities
  • Common Management Systems
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • EMAS, ISO 14001

Environmental aspects & Policy

  • Identify how an organisation’s activities can affect the environment
  • Identify and describe an organisation’s environmental aspects
  • Evaluate the significance of environmental effects in order to prioritise an organisation’s environmental activities indirect aspects that might have an influence over supplier performance
  • How to write an environmental policy
  • Appropriate techniques to disseminate the policy

·  Case Study

Environmental management techniques & Training

  • Practical environmental management techniques in waste minimization
  • Prioritise actions needed to improve performance
  • Changing work activities to improve environmental performance
  • Benefits of environmental awareness and management education
  • Factors to be considered in the development and content of the training programme
  • The necessity for feedback and evaluation

Environmental Auditing, Reporting and Emergency Plans

  • Undertake an internal audit to an agreed specification and make recommendations
  • Producing an environmental report adopting good practice features
  • Types of emergency situation that might have an impact on the environment
  • How prior preparation and provision of training and resources can mitigate any effects
  • Course Evaluation and Summary


18 - 22 Feb 2018


Environmental Management Certificate


COURSE DATES: 18 - 22 Feb 2018


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