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Project, Contract & Procurement Seminars

Green Supply Chains

REF: P4028  DATES: 18 Feb - 1 Mar 2018  VENUE: Muscat (Oman)  FEE: 3750 


The Course

“The time for action on greening supply chains has come. Daily headlines report food shortages, and concerns about energy security and dangerous climate change. Current forecasts suggest that by 2050 the human population will grow to around 9 billion, and that per capita consumption of hard and soft commodities are set to increase. An incredible challenge lies ahead of us: already the production, extraction, and consumption of basic commodities are contributing to humanity's unsustainable ecological footprint.

It is clear that access to resources will be a major strategic corporate issue in the coming decades. We are convinced that the winners will be those companies that are able to demonstrate that their supply chains are clean and green”

(Source Duncan Pollard, Director, Conservation Practice & Policy, WWF International 2009)

This course will therefore demonstrate:

  • Green makes good commercial sense
  • A growing customer/consumer downstream demand, for products/services provided in environmentally sound manner, will ultimately drive, all of the upstream supply
  • What needs to be changed
  • The new policies that are required
  • A migration strategy to enable sustainable Green Supply Chains

The Goals

Participants attending the program will:

  • Understand what Green Supply Chain Management is fundamentally about
  • Appreciate what is needed to enable a Green Supply Chain
  • Show the benefits that can be obtained
  • Look 'outside of the box'
  • Understand how to apply a Green Supply Chain migration strategy

The Process

  • Expert tutor input using power points
  • Delegate discussion and involvement
  • Case studies
  • Best practice examples
  • Supportive comprehensive course manual enabling practical application and reinforcement

The Benefits

  • Examine the organizations supply chain operations and activities
  • Analyze the key areas of the supply chain
  • Apply “Green” principles and see how “going green” makes commercial sense
  • Succeed in introducing a Green Supply Chain
  • Gain a competitive advantage

The Results

  • Appreciate the changes that “green” brings to business processes
  • Gain the financial benefits that effective Green supply chain management can bring
  • Be able to understand, recall and apply improvements after the seminar for work based application
  • Apply best in class practices
  • Learn from other delegates experiences and practices

The Core Competencies

  • Analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Strategic direction
  • Policy making
  • Implementation

The Programme Content

  • Introduction to Green Supply Chain
    • The 5 fundamental questions to be answered on the benefits, the costs, the power to influence, engagement and barriers
    • Benefits of Green Supply Chain
    • Traditional and Green Supply Chains
    • Green Supply Chains and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    • Drivers of Green Supply Chain
    • The Green Supply Chain Framework
    • Impact on bottom line through green supply chains
    • Key Contributors to the Profitability of Green Supply Chains
  • Green Supply Chain Planning
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Green Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Green Procurement
    • Procurement definitions, aims and scope
    • Benefits of Green Procurement
    • Drivers of Green Procurement
    • Challenges
    • Factors Effecting Green Procurement
    • Moving towards Green Procurement
    • Reflections on Green Procurement: joined up thinking
  • Green Production
  • Benefits of Green Production
  • Drivers of Green Production
  • Challenges of Green Production
  • Key Components of Green Production
  • Drivers of Green Logistics
  • Benefits of Green Logistics
  • Challenges in Green Logistics
  • Moving towards Green Logistics
  • Green Logistics
  • Green Packaging
    • Benefits of Green Packaging
    • Drivers of Green Packaging
    • Getting Started with Green Packaging
  • Green Marketing
  • Importance of Green Marketing
  • Drivers of Green Marketing
  • Challenges in Green Marketing
  • Elements of Green Marketing
  • Examples of Supply Loops
  • Components of Supply Loops
  • Drivers of Supply Loops
  • Benefits of Supply Loops
  • Supply Loops
  • Carbon Footprint Minimization Across the Supply Chain
    • Carbon Measurement
    • Carbon Minimization
    • Carbon Monitoring
    • Carbon Reporting
  • Migration Strategy
  • Phase I, Detailed Analysis
  • Phase II, Design and Implementation
  • Phase III, Organizational Change Management
  • Green Supply Chain Continuous Improvement
    • Benefits of Continuous Improvement in Green Supply Chains
    • Pre-requisites of Continuous Improvement
    • Methodology of Continuous Improvement
    • Green Supply Chain Benchmarking
    • Pareto Analysis
    • Example of Green Supply Chain Continuous Improvement
  • Green Supply Chain Performance Evaluation
  • Benefits of Performance Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation Methodology
  • Presenting finding of Performance Evaluation
  • Using information from Performance Evaluation for making decisions
18 Feb - 1 Mar 2018
Muscat (Oman)


Green Supply Chains

Muscat (Oman)

COURSE DATES: 18 Feb - 1 Mar 2018


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