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Health, Safety & Security


REF: S7038  DATES: 18 - 22 Feb 2018  VENUE: Paris (France)  FEE: 4500 


In today’s highly competitive and challenging environment, it is critical to have a proper perspective on the direction in which your organisation is heading. This 5 Day HSE course will focus on issues and challenges faced in the construction industry in most industrial sector and point you in the correct direction for the protection of lives and property and protect the environment for future generation and also avoid the long arm of the law.
The seminar is designed to stretch delegates in order to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to supervise, lead and manage Health, Safety and Environment of staff and Contractors in a construction site in any industry including Oil and Gas, Manufacturer, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, New Developments, Public Infrastructure, etc including a fast moving and complex business environment. The course is a unique distillation of the skills that you need to be successful in managing HSE with a very keen focus on sharing the HSE experience in developed countries like the UK and transferring such skills to the Nigerian Construction Industry.

The highlights of the seminar are as follows:

  • Understanding HSE Implementation in developed Countries (UK Focus)
  • Understanding the Legal frameworks for sustaining HSE Culture
  • Understanding the Employer and Employee Responsibility
  • Managing HSE in a Construction Environment
  • HSE Implementation in Complex sites and Complex Operations
  • Understanding Corporate HSE Responsibilities
  • Comparison of Nigerian HSE Environment
  • Understanding Organisation Culture from a Behavioral Perspective
  • Need for Stakeholders to raise the standard within the poor Legal Framework in Nigeria
  • Objectives
  • To provide concise, comprehensive coverage of HSE implementation in the UK; detailing important Legal framework for sustaining HSE programs
  • To grasp the essential ingredients of:
    • HSE Implementation
    • Challenges of managing HSE in Construction
    • Legal implication of HSE management in Construction
  • To understand the Skills required to supervise and manage HSE in a Construction Site
  • To provide some Tools required for continued monitoring of HSE on site
  • The understand the Skills required to develop a functional HSE system in an organisation
  • To understand Employer and Employee roles and responsibilities
  • Improve organisation culture via Behavioral HSE implementation

Training Methodology

  • Detailed presentations supporting each of the topics
  • Interactive trainer lead sessions of discussion
  • Role-plays, case studies, small group work, exercises and
  • Feedback will be used to facilitate learning.

The main principle on which the seminar has been built is the principle of experiential learning. Delegates will be given the opportunity to practice these skills using a series of exercises and case studies. Networking amongst attendees is encouraged and continued on-going support is provided to all participants.

Organisational Impact

  • Allows HSE Managers and Coordinators to update the knowledge to aid the development of practical and workable HSE systems
  • Provides Key organizational HSE actors with confidence as it discusses HSE implementation in developed and fully regulated Environment
  • Enables Organisation to improve the HSE Culture

Personal Impact

By the end of this seminar you will be able to:

  • Understand the essential Legislation and Practices used in sustaining HSE in the Construction industry in advanced democracy
  • Have a clear understanding of vital skills, tools, concepts and proven strategies required for Construction HSE
  • Apply the concepts, tools and analytical techniques and knowledge to bring about improved HSE implementation in an organisation
  • Understand the Employer and Employee role and responsibility in HSE Implementation
  • Be able to transfer some of the learning into the organisation even in a poor legal framework
  • Understand and develop HSE systems based on Behaviour to enhance the organisation’ HSE Culture
  • Improved chances for persons interested in working in the UK

Who Should Attend?

  • HSE Managers from all Industries
  • HSE Supervisors and Coordinators of Construction projects (irrespective of project size)
  • All Technical staff leading activities critical safety (excavation, electrical, mechanical, instrument, demolition, drilling, hand tools, water or swamp operations, lifting, working at height, public service providers, etc)
  • HSE Systems Designers and HSE team leaders
  • Health Team Leaders and First Aiders
  • Maintenance Staff



Volume 1 - Legislation and Management

  • A1 - The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
  • A2 - Responsibilities, Offences and Penalties etc
  • A3 - Safety Policies
  • A4 - Consultation with Employees
  • A5 - Induction Training
  • A6 - General Health and Safety Legislation
  • A7 - Risk Assessments and Method Statements
  • A8 - The Construction (Design & Management) Regulation 2007
  • A9 - Safety Inspections and Auditing
  • A10 - Safety at Street Works and Road Works
  • A11 - Setting Up Site
  • A12 - Security on Site
  • A13 - Statutory Forms, Notices and Registers
  • Case Study

Volume 1 - Occupational Health and Hygiene

  • B1 - The Management of Health on Site
  • B2 - Personnel Protective Equipment
  • B3 - The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
  • B4 - First Aid at Work
  • B5 - Food Safety on Site
  • B6 - Working with Lead
  • B7 - Manual Handling
  • B8 - Asbestos in Workplace
  • B9 - Dust Hazards and Control of Fumes
  • B10 - Control of Noise
  • B11 - Protection of the Eyes
  • B12 - Protection of the Skin
  • B13 - Control of Vibration
  • Case Study and Syndicate Exercise

Volume 1 - Working at Height

  • C1 - The Work at Height Regulations 2005
  • C2 - Ladders, Steps and Lightweight Staging
  • C3 - Working Over or Near Water
  • C4 - System Scaffolds and Mobile Towers
  • C5 - Tube and Fitting Scaffolds
  • C6 - Safe Working on Roofs and at Heights
  • C7 - Fall-arrest and Suspension Equipment
  • C8 - Safety with Steelwork
  • Case Study

Volume 2 - Safe Use of Plant and Equipment

  • D1 - Abrasive Wheels
  • D2 - Cartridge Operated Tools
  • D3 - Lifting Operations, Equipment and Accessories
  • D4 - Mobile Elevated Working Platform
  • D5 - Hoists and Hoist Tower
  • D6 - Plant and Work Equipment
  • D7 - Woodworking Machines
  • Discussion

Volume 2 - Other Hazardous Activities

  • E1 - Trackside Safety - Railways
  • E2 - Working With or Near Buried Services
  • E3 - Lone Working
  • E4 - Electrical Safety on Site
  • E5 - Working In and Around Excavations
  • E6 - Working in Confined Spaces
  • E7 - Safety in Demolition
  • Discussion and Syndicates

Volume 2 - Human Factors

  • F1 - Accident Prevention and Control
  • F2 - Accident Reporting and Investigation
  • F3 - Behaviour-Based Safety
  • F4 - Drugs and Alcohol Misuse
  • Discussion

Volume 2 - Waste Management and the Environment

  • G1 - Waste Management
  • G2 - Environmental Management
  • Discussion

Volume 2 - Fire and Flammable Substances

  • H1 - Fire Prevention and Control in the Office
  • H2 - Fire Prevention and Control on Site
  • H3 - Dangerous Substances
  • H4 - Liquefied Petroleum Gases
  • H5 - Vehicle Fuels (including Petrol, Diesel and LPG)
  • Discussion

Volume 2 - Miscellaneous

  • M2 - Acronyms used in the Building and Construction Industry
  • M4 - Sources of Health and Safety Information
  • M5 - Safety Signs
  • Discussion
18 - 22 Feb 2018
Paris (France)



Paris (France)

COURSE DATES: 18 - 22 Feb 2018


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