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Health, Safety & Security

Industrial Hygiene

REF: S7011  DATES: 4 - 8 Mar 2018  VENUE: Dubai (UAE)-Shangri-la Hotel  FEE: 2500 


This programme covers all the key concepts of industrial hygiene, including anticipating, recognising, evaluating, communicating, and control of workplace conditions that have the potential to cause occupational disease and illness. The programme is aimed at individuals and managers who wish to learn more about, or enhance their knowledge, industrial (occupational) hygiene.

The key elements covered include:

  • Occupational hygiene programme principles
  • Health hazards (biological, chemical, etc)
  • Essential sciences (human anatomy, biology and chemical effects)
  • Occupational diseases
  • Health, sampling, measurement and evaluation techniques

The Goals

  • Obtain an in-depth knowledge of the industrial hygiene range of topics
  • Learn about the different types of occupational diseases and illness conditions
  • Understand how to anticipate, recognise, evaluate, communicate, and control workplace conditions
  • Participate in case study exercises and group discussions regarding industrial hygiene management

The Process

Delegates will learn by active participation through interactive presentation tools, supported by videos, delegate exercises and case studies, in which delegates will learn the key elements of industrial hygiene, as related to the business activities of their particular organisation.

Programme Summary

The purpose of this Industrial Hygiene training session is to provide delegates with the key principles and essential knowledge and skills to manage and monitor the professional practice of industrial hygiene, including anticipating, recognising, evaluating, communicating health risks and, the control of workplace conditions that have the potential to cause occupational disease and illness.

The Programme Content


Introduction to Industrial Hygiene

  • What is industrial hygiene?
  • Industrial hygiene management systems
  • Occupational exposure standards
  • Overview of the types of health risks
  • Occupational diseases and illness conditions
  • Case study review
  • Delegate exercise: outline the primary health risks

Understanding Health Risks

  • The human system (skeleton, muscles, nerves, circulation, respiratory, skin, sense organs, etc)
  • Methods of identifying health risks
  • Biological risks
  • Chemical risks
  • Physical risks
  • Radiation risks (ionising and non-ionising)
  • Delegate exercise: list primary health risks of your organisation

Industrial Toxicology

  • Exposure routes of hazardous substances
  • Health effects and classification of hazardous substances
    • Toxic, Irritant, Asphyxiant and Anesthetic
    • Hepatoxic agents
    • Nephrotoxic agents
    • Neurotoxic agents
    • Blood damaging agents
    • Lung damaging agents
  • Delegate exercise: produce exposure routes of entry into body diagram

Measuring and Evaluating Health Risks

  • Recognition of potential health risks
  • Sampling of gases, vapours and particulates
  • Walk-through surveys
  • Health surveillance programmes
  • Health risk assessment reviews
  • Methods of controlling health risks
  • Determining health risk control methods
  • Case study review
  • Delegate exercise: list the use of anticipate, recognise, manage and control of health risks

Monitoring & Recording Health Risk Controls

  • Biological monitoring and medical surveillance
  • Hearing conservation programmes
  • Occupational diseases and illness condition prevention programmes
  • Learning fro incidents of ill health
  • Step-by-step guide for managing health risks
  • Video: list health risk monitoring and, the records to be kept in your organisation
  • Key point summary of programme topics
4 - 8 Mar 2018
Dubai (UAE)
Shangri-la Hotel

Shangri-la Hotel

Shangri-la Hotel


Industrial Hygiene

Dubai (UAE)

COURSE DATES: 4 - 8 Mar 2018
Address: Shangri-la Hotel


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