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Job Evaluation & Analysis (Certified Job Analyst)

REF: C8167  DATES: 7 - 11 Jul 2019  VENUE: Istanbul (Turkey)-Radisson Blu Hotel Sisli  FEE: 4500 



This seminar is designed to provide participants with an understanding of job analysis and job evaluation. Participants will consider how jobs are analysed and how job evaluation can be applied to the design, development and implementation of pay and grade structures. Participants will also explore how different compensation systems can be applied to pay and grading structures and in particular the link with broader issues of employee motivation.

Highlights of the seminar include:

  • Reviewing different formats for the development of job profiles
  • Acquiring competency in a number of job evaluation techniques including the application of debating and influencing skills
  • Developing a pay and grading structure
  • Exploring how different approaches to compensation, including performance-related pay can be applied to pay and grading structures
  • Developing a strategic view of pay, grading and compensations systems that will enable participants to advise the senior management team on compensation related issues



Attending this seminar will help you to:

  • Understand job analysis and evaluation techniques
  • Understand the stages involved in a job analysis and job evaluation project
  • Undertake and apply a variety of techniques to analyse and evaluate specific jobs
  • Apply the results of job evaluation to design and develop a pay and grading structure
  • Develop and apply different compensation systems to pay and grading structures to reflect organisational culture.
  • Examine different ways to implement the above processes


Conference Methodology

The learning approaches applied during the conference will involve the practical application of job evaluation techniques. Participants will work on an individual and group basis to analyse job profiles and evaluate them applying both non-analytical and analytical job evaluation schemes. The course will involve the development of a pay and grading structure and the compensation systems that can augment these structures.


Organisational Impact

Organisations will benefit as follows:

  • Pay and grading structures will be appropriate and aligned with organisational objectives
  • Managers and HR professionals will have the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain pay and grading structures
  • Organization will be competitive in the market place in relation to having the right pay and grading structures
  • Organisations’ will be able to attract and retain the people they need to be successful
  • Having appropriate, competitive and well maintained pay and grading structures will result in employees feeling valued and motivated
  • Organisations will have managers and HR professionals who are aware of the need to control the cost of pay and grading structures and the knowledge to maintain such structures within affordable limits.


Personal Impact

Those attending will benefit as follows:

  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of job analysis and job evaluation
  • Understand a variety of different job evaluation techniques
  • Understand how job evaluation contributes to the development, design and implementation of a pay and grading structure
  • Be able to make a strategic contribution to the organisation in the area of pay and grading
  • Be able to advise senior management or the directors of the organisation of the value of different approaches to employee compensation
  • Understand how different approaches to employee compensation can impact on employee motivation and organizational performance




An Introduction to job analysis and job evaluation

  • The corporate environment
  • The HR role and line management responsibilities
  • An introduction to job analysis
  • An introduction to job evaluation
  • The use of behavioural competencies
  • The need for job analysis and evaluation
  • The relationship with wider reward management planning
  • Change Management


Job Analysis Techniques

  • Definition of role and job analysis
  • Compare various techniques to analyse specific jobs
  • Examine different methodologies
  • Designing appropriate job profile documentation
  • Selecting benchmark jobs
  • The role of the job analyst
  • Collecting, recording and analysing information
  • The job analysis interview
  • Completing the job profile document


Types of Scheme

  • Definition of job evaluation
  • Uses of job evaluation
  • Examine different methodologies
  • Analytical and non-analytical schemes
  • Points rating
  • Factor comparison
  • Job ranking
  • Internal benchmarking or job matching
  • Job classification
  • Assessing evaluation schemes


Implementation and Operational Considerations

  • Explore the links between job analysis and job evaluation
  • Design and operational guidelines
  • Grade structure guidelines
  • Implementation framework
  • Options for implementation - full or staged
  • Communicating the results
  • Managing appeals for re-grading
  • Job Analysis and Evaluation

Employee Motivation

  • Employee Motivation
  • Equity Theory - Procedural and Distributive Justice
  • Merit pay and incremental pay
  • Pay progression
  • Selecting and training analysts
  • Putting in place arrangements for on-going maintenance
  • Review of success criteria
  • Personal planning


7 - 11 Jul 2019
Istanbul (Turkey)
Radisson Blu Hotel Sisli

Radisson Blu Hotel Sisli

Radisson Blu Hotel Sisli


Job Evaluation & Analysis (Certified Job Analyst)

Istanbul (Turkey)

COURSE DATES: 7 - 11 Jul 2019
Address: Radisson Blu Hotel Sisli


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