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Health, Safety & Security

Leadership, planning, and organizational skills to manage emergency, rescue and evacuation operations

REF: S7050  DATES: 18 - 29 Nov 2019  VENUE: Rome (Italy)  FEE: 6750 


Detailed Course Themes:

  • Definition of crises.
  • Crisis Team Task Sequence.
  • Crisis management levels Disaster management and crisis management.
  • Crisis planning and preparation for the unknown.
  • Communications during and after emergencies.
  • Risk Management.
  • Various contingency plans.
  • Crisis and emergency managers.
  • Decision making strategy under pressure.
  • Techniques and strategies for implementing emergency plans, early warning, evacuation, search and      rescue, medical care, dealing with victims, sheltering refugees, handling aid, and assessing losses.
  • Crisis and disaster management in the sudden position.
  • Formation of the Higher and Sub-committees of the Department to prepare emergency, rescue and evacuation plans.
  • Duties of the Team Leader of Emergency, Rescue and Evacuation Plans.
  • The concept of eviction of large and important buildings and establishments.
  • How to calculate the capacity and capacity of the entrances and exits of the buildings to accommodate the exit of occupantsefficiently.
  • The concept of the readiness of the assembly squares and shelters.
  • Pre-disaster and post-disaster technical measures.
  • The most important administrative procedures after the state of emergency.
  • Modern methods in preparing emergency plans (objectives / objectives).
  • Characteristics and characteristics of emergency plan preparation.
  • Scientific and practical concepts of operations (rescue evacuation, disaster crisis).
  • The mechanism of immediate coordination with the concerned authorities in the state when the emergency occurs.
  • Techniques for dealing with crises and rapid emergencies.
  • Steps to deal with crisis and emergency situations.
  • The arts of dealing with crises and emergency situations that occur in the world of the age.
  • Follow up the evictions and provide all means to protect the areas during emergencies.
  • Emergency situations and how to prepare evacuation plans.
  • Towards a preventive system against crises and disasters and contingency plans.
  • The new role of media services in raising awareness and guidance for emergency services.
  • Standards governing the systems of work in the security apparatuses in facilities in emergencies, crises, rescue operations and evacuation.
  • Modern methods to develop the field skills of the security man in the face of crises and security situations of emergency rescue and evacuation.
  • Preventive measures necessary to protect and secure facilities against accidents and sabotage in times of emergency.
  • Security methods for implementing security plans and supporting plans for inspection and evacuation in times of emergency.The standards governing the operation of the operating room of the facility in times of emergency and crisis, the scientific and practical method of managing the operations and the implementation of the deployment and evacuation plans during the emergency.The security services in the consolidation of psychological control in the rescue operations and cases of injured and evictions of workers.
  • The control plan and its specifications and the accompanying sub-plans for evacuation and assembly in a safe place, and to reassure the souls to avoid public panic cases.
  • Disasters and their various types and how to deal with the disaster (case of application).
  • Disaster Preparedness, Evacuation and Rescue (Physical - Morality).
  • Identify the role of satellites in promoting emergency, rescue and evacuation plans.
  • How to prepare and fully know all the practical and practical aspects of the methods of preparing emergency plans and dealing with crises and emergency situations and follow-up evacuation and rescue operations.
  • Strategies to raise the administrative efficiency of officials in the direction of various security positions to achieve control and the ability to control the rescue and evacuation operations and contingency plans for crisis situations.
  • The role of technical control rooms and their role in the system of preparing and implementing emergency, rescue and evacuation plans.
  • A workshop on the role of specialists and decision-makers in government and private institutions to consider disaster and crisis management as part of strategic planning in order to reduce future losses resulting from disasters.
  • Workshop on the nature of disasters, management and mitigation processes, responsibilities and roles of participants in their management.
  • A desktop exercise to deal with an indoor fire disaster.
18 - 29 Nov 2019
Rome (Italy)


Leadership, planning, and organizational skills to manage emergency, rescue and evacuation operations

Rome (Italy)

COURSE DATES: 18 - 29 Nov 2019


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