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Preparation and qualification of the training specialist

REF: C8312  DATES: 24 - 28 Nov 2019  VENUE: Singapore  FEE: 5000  


The global labor market is witnessing a growing demand for skilled labor and highly skilled personnel. In the last 50 years of the 20th century, rapid changes have taken place in the field of scientific and technical knowledge and systems of work. And the emergence of new jobs, tasks and needs. The importance of the professional training specialist has emerged, which is capable of analyzing the organization, analyzing its work, identifying the training needs and designing training plans that meet the training needs. Supervise the implementation and evaluation of the training programs.

Objectives of the Conference:

  • To introduce participants to the modern concepts of human resources and training and their nature and importance to the organizations.
  • Devoting modern technology to the service of training specialist and human resources.
    Developing participants' skills in using the scientific approach in planning human resources.
  • To provide participants with the scientific methods used to prepare and design curricula and training programs and develop their skills in their practice effectively.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of HR specialists and training in management and running the integrated stages of the training activity in their institutions.

The scientific content of the conference:
Overview of training in organizations:

  • Opportunities and challenges in the new millennium.
  • Important concepts and meanings of training.
  • Role of training in organizations.
  • Organizational structure of training in organizations.
  • Training process model.

Motivating learning and performance:

  • Understanding of motivation and performance.
  • The concept of learning.
  • Training that motivates adults to learn.

Analysis of training needs:

  • Why and where are training needs analyzed?
  • Where do we look for a lack of performance?
  • General framework for training needs analysis.
  • Results of training needs analysis.
  • Training needs analysis entries.

Training Design:

  • Regulatory constraints for the design of training.
  • Considerations of setting training objectives.
  • Reasons for using training objectives.
  • Tips for setting effective training goals.
  • Model for the design of a training program.

Testing of training methods:

  • Fit methods with training results.
  • Lectures, presentation and presentation.
  • Computer Training.
  • Simulation and role-playing.
  • On-the-job training.

Implementation of the training:

  • Choose a training room.
  • Facilitating means of training.
  • How to Choose a Trainer.
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes required for an effective coach.
  • Preparation of training materials.
  • Trainer's Manual and Trainee.

Measurement of training results:

  • How to measure the results of training.
  • The importance and benefits of measuring and evaluating training outcomes.
  • Training evaluation methods.

Investment Training:

  • Model and process return of investment.
  • Definition of return on investment and cost and return ratio.
  • The basics of measuring training.
  • Assess the return on investment in training.

Training Specialist Skills:

  • Effectiveness and personal competence of the training officer.
  • Influence in others.
  • Communication, presentation and presentation.
  • Personal motivation and self-confidence.
  • Self-management.
  • Think and make decisions.
  • Dealing with trainees.
  • Use emotional intelligence in training.
  • The moral perspective of the training officer.
24 - 28 Nov 2019


Preparation and qualification of the training specialist


COURSE DATES: 24 - 28 Nov 2019
COURSE FEE: 5000  


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