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Professional Certifications

Shutdown Maintenance Planner and Manager Certification

REF: 12344  DATES: 25 Mar - 14 Jun 2018  VENUE: Amman (Jordan)-Vip Business Center  FEE:


What is Covered in this Program?

The Main Objective of this Euro Training Limited?s 12 week Training & Certification Program is to Make Fresh Engineers (and those new to the field) Employable and Productive. This is achieved through Real Life Training and an Objective Verified Assessment of the Candidate's Developed Professional Skills in Shutdown Maintenance Planning and Turnaround Management and in each of its Key Work Processes. This Certification assures the potential employer that the certified individual has the required qualifications and competency to perform as team member in a Shutdown/ Turnaround Maintenance Project.

For Experienced Shutdown Maintenance Professionals this Training and Possible Certification provides a Third Party Assessment of their level of practical job related knowledge, skills and competencies. This Certification should provide a Credibility Boost to the Candidate's Resume, employability and career advancement through Promotion.

Who Should Attend?

This Program is Intended to Empower Engineers and Other Professionals from Any Discipline to become Employable as a Shutdown Maintenance Team Members. Experienced Shutdown Professionals will learn the Skills they Will Need to take Manager/ Leader role on Shutdown Projects.

This Program is for You if any of the following is True: If you are an Engineer or MBA Looking for a Job as a "Shutdown Maintenance Team Member". If you wish to gain Professional Level Expertise in Shutdown Maintenance Planning and Management. If you are entrusted to Make Improvements in the Way your Organization handles its Shutdown Maintenance Projects. If you are a Senior Shutdown Maintenance Planner Turnaround Maintenance Planner Professional and wish to be considered for Future Role as Shutdown Manager or Team Leader. If you wish to becoming an Independent Consultant for Providing Consultancy Services on Shutdown Maintenance Planning or Turnaround Management.

Program Content

  1. Shutdown or Turnaround Maintenance Aspects
  2. Shutdown Goals and Key Success Factors
  3. Shutdown Maintenance Planning Required Documents and Data
  4. Shutdown Maintenance Planning Data
  5. Shutdown Maintenance Work Lists
  6. Shutdown Maintenance Work Scope
  7. Training & Team Building
  8. Pre-Shutdown Meetings
  9. Detailed Shutdown Plan
  10. Detailed Shutdown Scope and Schedule
  11. Hiring Turnaround Contractors
  12. Detailed Resource Requirements (Materials and Equipment)
  13. Procurement of Maintenance Materials
  14. Pre-Shutdown Activity
  15. Agreement to Have the Shutdown (Green Light)
  16. Monitoring Compliance to Agreed Schedule
  17. Revise Shutdown Plan (if and when required)
  18. Daily Shutdown Coordination Meetings
  19. Shutdown Progress Reports Daily/Weekly
  20. Shutdown Problem Solving & Dispute Settlement (if and when required)
  21. Planning and Scheduling Lessons Learnt during Shutdown Maintenance
  22. Updating the Maintenance System
  23. Shutdown Maintenance Case Studies
  24. Shutdown Maintenance Workshops
  25. Program Recommendations
  26. Your Shutdown Maintenance Planning Action Plan

Program Outcomes and Take-Away/s

Euro Training is in the business of providing

  1. This Program will help you gain the expertise to perform the Related Professional processes, functions and management in your organization.
  2. This Program follow a highly systematic, easy to understand and apply approach to transfer the required Competencies to the participants.
  3. Program also aims to provide participant ability and skills to contribute towards Productivity, Internal Customer Satisfaction, External Customer Satisfaction, Knowledge of the Industry Standards, Risk Management, Risk Taking, Agility, Documentation of Operating Procedures, Developing Knowledge System, Repeatable Performance, Knowledge Transfer, Ethical behavior, Compliance with the Law, Safety, Security and Knowledge of Technology.
  4. Program will help build a knowledge framework in which job related experience can be caught and remembered by the participant as his and his organizational experience.

Typically a 12 week program participant will take away complete practical Competency in relevant:

  1. Technology, Processes & Methods
  2. An Action Plan to Implement Good and Best Practices in his Work

Comprehensive Programs

When you attend this 12 weeks program, you get an opportunity to become familiar with Practical Job Oriented Consultant or Trainer depth of knowledge about the Processes, Technology, Planning and Management.

On passing the optional Written Tests and Completion of Projects the participant will be awarded a Certification which will mention that the participant has Passed the Prescribed Tests at the End of this Program and has been found to have the required competencies to do the relevant job Systematically, Effectively and Efficiently.

The program also provides the Participant Detailed Step by Step Materials that will help him perform his Job Processes and Start Build the Relevant Organizational Knowledgebase.

Benefits to Organization

Sending participant/s to this program will benefit the organization in the following ways...

  • Quickly makes the participants competent, effective and productive on his job. Useful especially for
    • Training New employees
    • Competency Building in Existing Employees Transferred to a New Assignment
    • Training Prior to a New Project or Initiative Planned in the Organization
  • Create Competency in the employee to perform his job effectively and efficiently, and incorporating into his performance...
    • Good Practices
    • Organizations' Strategic Objectives
    • Needs and Expectations of the Stakeholders/ Customers (internal & external)
    • Best Benchmarked Practices
    • Opportunities to Exceed Stakeholder/ Customer Expectations
  • Create a pool of Certified trained manpower who can cost-effectively disseminate the domain knowledge to large number of employees inside the organization. This is made possible by Euro Training's unique easy to understand and use methodology based on Checklist & Step-by-Step Approach.
  • Euro Training Instructors often act as mentors for your certified employees. Participant has an opportunity to build a long term mentoring relationship with the Instructor/s.

Participant Individual Career Benefits

  1. Participant gains Practical Work Related Expertise by attending this program. Particularly useful for New Graduates coming into this Career Path. Education in College does Not Provide you the Skills and Methods you Specifically Need to Do this Specific Job. This program fills this Gap and you become Employable..
  2. Participant will gain multi-discipline understanding of the issues, you could gain this through experience but it may take you anything from 10 to 15 years on the job - that too only if you get an opportunity to get a rich job experience. A rich job experience is one where you have had an opportunity to work in various capacities on the job and had an opportunity to participate in QA, QC, Planning, Monitoring, Problem Solving, Strategy and other meetings.
  3. For the Experienced participant, the action plan you take away as part of this program will help you make a Leadership difference in your business unit or organization. This Leadership difference means you should be able to implement strategic improvements in the work area. This Contribution/ Competency when added to your resume will make you a prime candidate for career advancement in your own organization or in your next job/s.
  4. The Certification you get after passing the tests on completion will enable you to gain credibility for yourself. This credibility should help open doors for you in Employment and Promotion.

Registration Recommendations

Team Nominations: Training Departments should use this program to Train New or Existing Employees Quickly to fill the Related Job Openings.
Single Nominations will also be accepted for the program.
Your Organization Can:-

  1. Use this Program as the Standard Training Program all relevant Personnel must attend and get certified for the Internal Job Openings.
  2. Work with Euro Training Limited to Design and Develop a Similar Customized Certification Program for your Organization.
  3. Work with Euro Training to Test and Certify your Existing Relevant Staff to ensure they have the Required Competencies. Post Testing based on any Competency Gaps Training can be arranged.

Language of Instruction

English. Other Languages are also available.

Certificate Award at Completion

On passing the optional Written Tests and Projects at end of this 12 week program the participant will be awarded the Professional Certification which will also mention that the participant has Passed the Prescribed Tests at the End of this Program. Participant can sit in this Certification Examination any time within 1 year of the end of the program. No Fee is charged for first time taking of this test for 12 week participants. This Certification is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. You will need to get recertified after that period by providing evidence of continued work in the area of Certification and Passing a Written Re-Certification Tests. The Re-Certification Fee is presently $400 and is Subject to Change. All Re-certification candidates will receive updated materials of recent advances in that field before the recertification test. Certificate of Attendance will be given to all Participants.

25 Mar - 14 Jun 2018
Amman (Jordan)
Vip Business Center

Vip Business Center

Vip Business Center


Shutdown Maintenance Planner and Manager Certification

Amman (Jordan)

COURSE DATES: 25 Mar - 14 Jun 2018
Address: Vip Business Center


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