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Abdel Aal Soliman Abdel Aal


  • Degree Of Bachelor In Mechanical Engineering With A Rate Of Appreciation “Good” (70%) 1982, Faculty Of Engineering Helwan University.
  • Passed the Qualifying Examination for the Degree of Master of Mechanical Power Engineering with A Rate of Appreciation “Good” Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.& High Master Degree of production and Mechanical Design from the same university.( maintenance planning and vibration)

1- Occupational health and safety Assessment Series ( OHSA )(18001)
(Petroleum safety &environment service co. ( PETROSAFE)
2 Off Shore Oil Production Machinery and Equipment. (Petrol Oil Company)
3 Oil well Safety Practice ( G . O .C.)
4 Environmental Sources ( Petro Environmental Services Co. "PESCO" )
5 Oil Spill (Petro Environmental Services Co. "PESCO" )
6 Off Shore Oil Production Machinery and Equipment. (Petrol Oil Company)
7 Gas Turbines. (Norway Kongsberg Gas Turbine)
8 -Pumps And Compressor Technology. (Enppi Company)
9 -Corrosion Control and Protection of Metals. (Suco Oil Company)
10 - Vibration Analysis. (Ennpi Company)
11 -Boiler And Steam Raising. (North Cairo Station and Enppi Company)
12 -Desalination Water Of Boiler By Evaporated And De-Mineralize. (Suez Oil Company)
13- Designing of Blade Steam Turbine. (North Cairo Station)
14- Bearing ( EL –Dar Arabia for Training & Consultations (DATCO))
15-General Planning (Middle East A dvisory Group)
16- Basic safety ( Suez Oil Company)
17- Potable Water Treatment System ( First Company)
18- Machinery Vibration Analysis (Nile Advanced Technology & Comm. (NATCOM)
19- Vibration Analysis (Mechanical Engineering Society)
20- Machinery Vibration Analysis ( EL –Dar Arabia for Training & Consultations (DATCO))
21- Maintenance Of Establishments & Facilities (RIPA International Limited (LONDON))
22-Metallurgy & Technology and Welding Inspection
( EL –Dar Arabia for Training & Consultations (DATCO))
23- Fire Fighting And Protection System. (Suco Oil Company)
24-Hydraulic Control In Heavy Industry (Iron And Steel Egyptian Company)
25- First Aids And C.P.R. (Geisum Oil Company)
26- Steam System Management. (IHIRDC)
27- Corrosion Problems. (General Oil Company)
28- Machinery Vibration Analysis. (Vibration Institute)
29- Report (Total International Expertise Co.)(Totality)
30- Allen Tank Process Equipment Training Program. (Geisum North Field Development Project)
31 - Kinds of Welding. (Egyptian Comm.Eng.)
32- Lubrication Fundamentals Course. (Mobil)
33- Maintenance Management and (GMS) workshop. (First Egyptian Engineering Co.)(First)
34- Field Oil Processing and Water Treatment. (First)
35- Introduction To (PCS), Dos And Windows. (G.O.C)
36- Pipe design and fabrication ( EL –Dar Arabia for Training & Consultations (DATCO))

More than twenty- three years of experience in the fields of operations, mechanical maintenance supervision, maintenance planning, commissioning and operation in oil and gas production company (on – offshore facilities), High pressure Boilers ( water tube and fire tube boiler ), operation and maintenance, inspection ( visual, internal and external inspection ), all works for boiler, make analysis for water, blow down start and stop warming up for boiler all parts all tools for boiler ) also the utilities which link with boiler as water desalination by evaporators, condenser, water feed pump steam turbine maintenance and operation and so on for every things attached with boiler and utilities, also Development of the (H.S.E) health, safety & environment protection policy, regulations, procedures, audits and contingency plans.

Developing and implementation of the training scheme for new safety engineers / technicians in addition to the specialized training for all categories of employees on various aspects of loss control, theoretical and practical training for emergency response team, Participating and preparing of the monthly loss prevention and industrial hygiene committees for the offshore &onshore facilities.
Participating and preparing of the monthly safety and occupational health committees.
Participating and preparing of the south Red Sea geographical committees.
this is for safety .
Make analysis for truss and structure by Finite element analysis, Finite element stresses Finite element type, boundary condition for each element, responsible for directly supervising the maintenance of all components of the hydrocarbon process system and job rotating equipment’s relating to the production facilities on the platforms, storage tanker and ship machinery steam process.
Responsible for the operation, preventive maintenance programs, trouble- shooting, repair and general over all of a wide range of machinery equipment.
Responsible for any commissioning and pre- commissioning and punch list also how to deal with the vendors, made also training for the staff of new engineering to be involved in the work also responsible for stock control of spare parts maintenance at the minimum effective level., connected the all vendors and make evaluation sheet, planned the project on scheduled by primavera and GMS system.

During 1998 Up - to Date (an instructor in Maintenance / Maintenance Planning and operation as a part time in the following sites .

  • AL Furat Oil Company ( Syria). & ( Syria Gas CAMPANY )

(OJT & Courses in field and office) (Periodically)


1-Worked as an instructor for new staff engineers / technicians in fields ( oil /gas ) ( OJT ) (On Job Training )
Responsible for the following :

  • Identification and Explanation the new Equipment for New Staff of Engineers and Technicians.
  • Explanation how the equipment works ( theoretically and practically ) .
  • Pre-and final test for all participates to limit the level for every person .

2- responsible for how to develop and implement a maintenance optimization programme using (RCM) ( Reliability Centered Maintenance ), and by using (CMMS) data and through issued the back history for each equipment could carried out the Big- 6 losses, Failure Mode Effective Critical Analysis ( FMECA) .
3- responsible for how to develop the (LCC) Life Cycle Cost, and also responsible for safety meeting before any job (work order or work request).
4- responsible for implement the master plan for any side of company for critical equipment.
5- responsible for implement the monitoring condition for critical equipment on site .
6-responsible for how to decrease the spare parts consumption and how to study the min. and max. consumption for each equipment for 6- months and others. theses jobs was section head and old engineers. And some reports was issued periodically.

  • Petrochemical Industries CO. ( K.S.C.) (Ahmadi- Kuwait)


As before but sometimes my participate in safety meeting

  • Training Course In Hazard Waste Management
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Saudi Basic Industries Corporation ( SABIC)

- Maintenance management
- Rotating equipment & troubleshooting


Inspection for Tanks and Vessels
Ministry of Defense ( the engineering structures)( Kuwait)

  • -Design the foam and sprinkler system ( course )

-Fire & Gas System (course)
- Maintenance management
- rotating equipment & troubleshooting

  • National Industries Company for Construction (Kuwait)
  • Safety Audit and site inspection ( course)
  • Safety in rotating equipment (course )
  • Reliability maintenance (course)
  • Failure mode effective critical analysis (course )
  • Pipe line inspection (course)
  • Geisum oil Company.


As before but sometimes do Training courses in the field and Cairo office

  • Petrormaint Company.


As before but sometimes do Training courses in the field and Cairo office

  • Petrogulfmisr Oil Company

This is my company which still working up to date

From 2007 UP TO DATE

PetroGulf Misr Oil Company: Maintenance Planning Ass. Gen. Mgr. Responsible for

  • Root Cause Analysis, Failure analysis, Condition monitoring, Overhaul equipment, Failure mode and effective analysis (FMEA ).
  • Risk analysis Techniques, Benchmarking and performance measurement. 
  • Handover documents from contractors at Pre-commissioning completion stage confirming their acceptability, and for  setting all maintenance plans. 4- Conducting design reviews for commissioning and start-up requirements.,  checking spare parts, making cost analysis, contractor supervision and making close out reports, creating all reports related to maintenance administration, Working on several maintenance management software packages (IMMS, GMS, Maximo ., MS Project . ).
  • shutdown planning and coordination between related departments, arranged any work scope for any  technical project, training every bi-weekly for all staff for new engineers and technicians.
  • Responsible for analysis and measurements of all rotating equipment vibration records.
  • survey in the storage tanks during inspection and repairing
  • evaluate the corrosion rate for all static equipment likes piping, tanks, vessels, and ..etc .
  • Achieved scope of work inspection procedures for internal tanks and all new construction equipment in the process, cost engineering, constructions engineering in the field, back history for each equipment and make failure analysis, studying the consumption of spare parts and enhanced the high consumption.
  • presentation  for new  engineers and technicians in maintenance planning, reliability and effective of equipment, performance indicator for each equipment and make design for work orders and work request. 

From 2003 TO 2007
GEISUM OIL COMPANY Operation / Maintenance Department Head

Responsible for operation /maintenance for Power Plant which consisting of

  • Two high pressure Boiler with capacity 150 Ton and 120 Bar
  • Two Steam Turbines (Supper /De- Supper Steam )
  • Condenser –De aerator- high pressure feed pumps
  • Compressors (instrument / utilities)

Responsible for boilers and utilities operation, observation and all works of cogeneration cycle as the follow
1- worming up boiler by procedures (step by step)
2- blow down
3- Water chemical treatment
4- Periodically inspection for visual, internal and external piping
5- inspection for all valves especially PSV
6- Responsible for calibration for PSV
7- Responsible for steam Evaporators operation and maintenance
8- Responsible for Water desalination
9- Responsible for equipment over hall and stock control of spare parts maintenance
at the minimum effective level.
Responsible for analysis and measurements of all rotating equipment vibration records.
From 1997 TO 2003

GEISUM OIL COMPANY Maintenance Section Head
Responsible for min./max. Spare parts for each equipment in the site
Responsible for routine job for all safety equipment
Responsible for analysis and measurements of all rotating equipment vibration
Responsible for achieved mechanical work orders ( preventive maintenance ) and (predictive maintenance )

From 1987 TO 1988

1- Propose and justifies modifications to equipment, which will improve their
operation and safety.
2- Responsible for directly supervising the maintenance of all components of the hydrocarbon process system and job rotating equipment’s relating to the production facilities on the platforms, storage tanker and ship machinery steam process.
3-Responsible for the operation, preventive maintenance programs, trouble- shooting, repair and general over all of a wide range of machinery equipment.

From 1985 TO 1987

GEISUM OIL COMPANY Operation /maintenance Engineer (shift Engineer)

  • Responsible for operation and maintenance of Steam Plant
  • Responsible for operation of boiler and all equipment in site as a condenser, compressors, pumps (electrical /diesel )

Ensure that all maintenance work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

From 1982 TO 1985

Responsible for maintenance and over all of a wide range of diesel engines.

Equipment’s included on the above work well platforms

Which contain the following equipment:

  • Wellhead manifolds/well heads variable speed drives submersible pumps “reda pumps” / test separators/chemical injection pumps system /instrument air compressors system utility sea water system” submersible pumps /diesel system numerous types of pumps / sump pumps/ cranes / diesel engines numerous types of engines /fire protection system and control building.

Remote well caisson platforms which contain the following equipment: Hydraulic wellhead safety panel and winch.

Tanker (F.P.S.O) Deck: consists of the following modules:

Offshore Oil Processing. An offshore oil field is being developed using a Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel (FPSO). This facility is a ship-shaped vessel with integrated oil storage

Production modules:

Which contain crude oil heater pumps and cooler/ bulks separator / production unit alarm panel/ master panel/ diesel supply and treating system / fire protection system / diesel firewater pumps (Caterpillar), submersible pumps / diesel engines / cranes and air compressors.

Power generation module:

Which contain one 1200 kw diesel generator set (caterpillar)

A fuel gas modules

Which contain two 3000 HP IR 2RDS reciprocating compressors (Ingersoll-rand) several types of pumps system which supply gases to gas turbine and steam generators.

A lact modules:

The lact (lease automatic custody transfer) is designed to transfer and meter crude at a rate of 25000 BHP.

Flare scrubber modules

Closed drain flash tank module.

Ship machinery which contain:

  • Two high-pressure water tubes boilers 125 tons/H.
  • Two –1300 kw steam Generator set (AEG).
  • Two – 600 kw Diesel Generator set (caterpillar).
  • Two –600 kw Diesel engine Generator set (Brumeister E wain).
  • Two –375 kw Diesel engine Generator (MTUS).
  • Steam – Turbo feed pumps (AEG).
  • Service and control Air compressor.
  • Fire water pumps.
  • Sea water pumps.
  • Distillation water units (Numerous types of Evaporators).
  • Cargo steam turbine pumps (AEG).
  • Inter gas system.
  • Steam heating coils for crude oil in banks.
  • Fire protection system.
  • Machine tools.
  • Refrigeration system.
  • Co2 system.
  • R.O. units.
  • Oily water treatment.
  • Crude oil mixers.

* AL FRAT COMPANY: Working about 6 months during 2001 & 2002 at the same job.

* Joint venture company Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) and CONOCO established at 1984 and since 1987 the company is fully honed by EGPC.

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