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Conference: Safety and Security Standards for Maritime Ports Management

REF : C8313 DATES: 15 - 19 Jun 2020 VENUE: Barcelona (Spain) FEE : 4500 


Modern thinking tends to focus on security and safety in ports, occupational safety and health rules and instructions in ports, and compliance with environmental protection agreements.

Main topics:

  • Ships standards.
  • Rules and regulations of safety and health in ports.
  • Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Adhere to environmental protection agreements.
  • Mandatory counseling and Exceptions to guidance.
  • Dangerous goods.
  • Leaking from ships other than oil tankers.
  • Leaking from unspecified ships.
  • Compatibility with the environment.
  • Compatibility with international security requirements.
  • Regional Plan to Combat Pollution of the Sea.
  • Security control of ships in ports.
  • Ships and goods.
  • Requirements with respect to certain vessels.
  • Dangerous situations and emergencies.
  • Fire prevention.
  • Fire prevention, hazardous situations and emergency situations.
  • Notification for waste collection.
  • Remove things and materials.
  • Oil leakage from ships unlike oil tankers.
  • Waste delivery.
  • Delivery of the generated waste on the ship and the cargo waste.
  • Delivery of the goods waste.
  • Definitions of these rules and instructions.
  • Availability of information regarding dangerous goods.
  • Waste collection from ships.
  • Waste collection fees.
  • Government control on ships in the ports.
  • Withdraw previous rules and instructions.
  • Goods operations.
  • Compulsory counseling areas, counseling and exclusion from counseling.
  • Scope of duties (safety and health).
  • Transport and circulation of dangerous goods.
  • Transport, handling and storage of dangerous goods.
  • Employee duties.
  • Duties of employers.