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Executive Mini MBA

REF : M12389 DATES: 8 - 12 Jun 2020 VENUE: Rome (Italy) FEE : 4500 


The 5-Day Mini MBA is a unique distillation of the skills that need to be acquired in order to be considered successful in modern business. Not everyone is able to devote a year or two of their time to studying for a Masters in Business Administration, but in an age of rapid change in a highly competitive environment it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the issues involved in the smooth and successful running of a business. The 5 Day Mini MBA Leadership & Management Masterclass is a highly intensive training course covering all the usual subjects associated with an MBA. In 5 days, a delegate will learn what normally takes a year of full time study. The Mini MBA course is designed to provide delegates with comprehensive knowledge of fundamental, proven strategies taught as both an academic and practical exercise. As a result, the course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the skills and knowledge that will be required for any person to further develop their business knowledge and skills and even to prepare them for actual formal study for an MBA. The course is designed to be delivered either as an “In House” class for an organization’s directors and senior management or as a public class where delegates from a number of companies can learn both from the course and from one another and exchange ideas and best practice.

Course Outline:


  • Day1: To be fully conversant with the technicalities, terminology and academic models associated with mini MBA study and their application in the modern business environment. 
  • Day2: To be able to apply such knowledge to the success of their organization. 
  • Day3: To be able to design, implement and develop innovative business strategies and structures. 
  • Day4: To be equipped to understand the demands of complex business operations and the environment within which they operate.
  • Day5: To understand the leader’s role in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.


All business sectors can benefit from participation of their organizations from manufacturing industries to healthcare, construction, telecommunications, education and professional services. Mini MBA training program is specifically aimed at middle to senior level executives engaged in key management roles within a variety of disciplines within their respective organizations.