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Pathology analysis Lab

REF : S7063 DATES: 2 - 6 Nov 2020 VENUE: Lisbon (Portugal) FEE : 4500 


Basic contents:

  • The philosophy of the training program is to provide broad and indepth exposure to the subject matter of anatomic pathology.
  • Emphasis on clinical correlation relationships to disease mechanisms and exposure to investigational opportunities.
  • The individual patient's clinical course.
  • strong personal interactions with the clinicians caring for the patient.
  • The general relevance to disease pathophysiology and investigational questions.
  • Residents become fully grounded in laboratory techniques, observational and descriptive analysis procedures, and the communication skills required to gain the maximum information prior to rendering a diagnosis.
  • The program provides for diversified experience in postmortem.
  • Surgical pathology.
  • Cytopathology.
  • Hematopathology
  • Molecular pathology and cytogenetics diagnosis.
  • Forensic pathology.
  • surgical pathology.
  • Pediatric pathology.
  • Training in dermatopathology, neuropathology.
  • Immunopathology.