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Leading Strategic HR Transformation

REF : H3051 DATES: 28 Nov - 2 Dec 2021 VENUE: Cairo (Egypt)-Conrad Cairo by Hilton FEE : 2500 



The way forward for today’s HR professionals is to contribute to the business at a strategic level. The Chartered Institute of Personnel has published numerous articles on the new business needs for HR – all indicating the new need – for HR to be a strategic partner.

The question is - How to do it? – this program will provide the answers and will give you both the skills and knowledge to make a difference and to make the transition from a provider to a strategic partner. The latter is of course an added value activity and as such is normally higher paid. Making the transition to the executive level requires a different skillset and also mastery of the strategic process.

Conference Objectives:

At the end of this conference the participants will be able to:

  • Master the new HR strategic process
  • Be able to transform strategic requirements into HR objectives using the 6 S model
  • Create HR strategic action plans to achieve business objectives
  • Provide innovative predictive information
  • Have practiced business information interviews and presenting results
  • See the big picture for the future of employment and performance through people
  • Build their professional confidence
  • Write business action plans to delegate strategic tasks
  • Translate current trends to maximize Human Capital investment
  • Demonstrate fiscal control and creating ROI
  • Know what HR trends to report on and be able to master emergency planning
  • Manage an HR team to produce strategic results

Targeted Audience:

  • All HR Staff and HR Practitioners
  • HR Managers & Directors
  • HR Business Partners
  • Anyone who needs to understand HR strategy
  • People moving into HR from other roles

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: The Formulation of Strategy:

  • Why taking HR to executive level is such a good idea – greater opportunities, bigger job – long term security & it's what world-class businesses want
  • Where strategy fits with the Vision, mission, and operating plans
  • The traditional approach to strategic planning
  • The new HR model - 10 steps needed to form an HR strategy
  • The strategic model how it works

Unit 2: Translating Strategic Requirements into Business Action Plans:

  • Including the Formation of HR Budgets
  • The formation of Strategic objectives and how to translate them into the HR 6 S model
  • Building Business actions plans
  • Building Strategic action plans – getting others committed. No SAP – what can happen
  • Producing Executive financial information – unit costs and spend analysis

Unit 3: Mastering Predictive Trends & Management Information:

  • Getting the Big Picture
  • Why executives need predictive information
  • The executive must be good at predictive information – trend analyze
  • Software for predictive planning and trend analysis
  • Other predictive factors to review, succession planning, emergency planning

Unit 4: Key Performance Factors – Maximising Human Capital:

  • Measurement tools –organizational maturity, corporate culture, etc.
  • Relationship between performance and competence
  • Valuing human capital – how to do it
  • Critical performance indicators
  • Presenting at the executive level

Unit 5: Understanding and Being Able to Act on High-Level HR Trends:

  • World trends – employment, inclusion, new employee expectations
  • World business trends – leadership, team working, employment/ supervision ratios
  • Changing Trends relating to HR