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The Leadership & Management Masterclass



This Seminar may be a comprehensive development program that addresses the key skills, qualities, and attributes of both Leadership and Management. The seminar will cover all aspects of leadership and management with the most emphasis being on the human side of leading and managing people.

Targeted Groups:

  • Head of departments
  • Managers among all managerial levels
  • Supervisors & Team leaders
  • Employees who have an interest in gaining great experience to enhance their career

Course Objectives:

At the top of this course the participants are going to be able to:

  • Learn the differences between management and leadership skills
  • Learn how to be more confident and skilled within the demands required of their role
  • Learn how to motivate, influence and communicate with varied individuals and teams
  • Understand the key elements of authentic Leadership like trust, vision, respect and interpersonal communication
  • Develop enduring human relationships to profit business performance
  • Have the talents to arrange , motivate and galvanize work teams to work more effectively
  • Gain varied Management and Leadership skills applicable within and out of doors the Organisation
  • Get the arrogance and expertise to interact with individuals and teams to make increased performance
  • Devote to planning, effectiveness, and efficiencies as an immediate results of applying the management skills
  • Make an action plan for a way and when to use new interactive skills and knowledge for the advantage of self, work teams, and therefore the Organisation
  • Gain Knowledge of where future personal development could also be advantageous to their current role and aspirations
  • Bring improved knowledge, skills, and attitude back to the workplace
  • Be adept within the least aspects of Management and Leadership be ready to apply these in the role immediately
  • Understand the benefit and process of private interaction and be ready to use these new skills
  • Have improved motivation, clarity and focus

Targeted Competencies:

  • Leadership skills
  • Management skills
  • Performance management
  • Time management
  • Delegation & empowering
  • Communication skills
  • Innovation skills

Course Content:

Unit 1: Managing Myself as a Leader:

  • Importance of perception
  • Intrapersonal & interpersonal skills for the leader
  • Your preferred behavioral style
  • Understanding the Model for leadership
  • Removing emotional blind-spots

Unit 2: Leading a Team:

  • Dealing with others
  • Understanding the stages of human development
  • Optimizing the leader's natural strengths
  • Understanding team processes
  • Building effective teams

Unit 3: Innovative Leadership:

  • Openness to innovative ideas
  • Divergent thinking skills
  • Removing blocks to creativity
  • Understanding the creative process
  • Metaphors and analogies for innovative thinking

Unit 4: Communication For Leaders:

  • The positive influence of listening
  • Sharpening your listening skills
  • Body language
  • Inspiring and guiding others
  • Handling stress appropriately

Unit 5: Imparting Leadership Values:

  • Leading by example
  • Resilience for sacrificial leadership
  • Intentionality for self-motivation
  • Interpersonal connections for persuasive leadership
  • Integrity for accountable leadership

Unit 6: Strategic Orientation:

  • Strategic context: the external environment
  • The new business reality
  • Predictable trends in business
  • Competitive forces
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Strategic resources and constraints
  • Creating a compelling strategic vision
  • Creativity and alter

Unit 7: Managing Resources and Performance:

  • Aligning vision, aims and objectives
  • Performance measurement
  • From measurement to improvement
  • Coaching process to correct poor performance
  • Coaching to challenge
  • Self-coaching and therefore the power to vary
  • Coaching and influencing upwards
  • Risk and its management

Unit 8: Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources:

  • Organizational form
  • Culture, climate, values, and norms
  • Team and social psychology
  • Assigning responsibilities
  • Deputize to release time
  • Fundamentals of human resource management
  • Appraisal and reward
  • Learning and development

Unit 9: Key Management Competencies: Prioritisation, Time Management, and Delegation:

  • Balancing the important and therefore the urgent
  • Setting personal goals
  • Creating time from nothing
  • Batching and the way it can get back time
  • Income-producing activities
  • Getting things done through people
  • Delegation and empowerment

Unit 10: Linking Management to Leadership: Influence, Motivation, and Trust:

  • Negotiation and persuasion: the pillars of influence
  • The secret six in business negotiation
  • The nature of motivation
  • The trust checking account
  • Ethics
  • Personal leadership style
  • Leadership in action: group exercise
  • Balancing work and residential life

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