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Sep. 1999- London School of Economics and Political Science, Development Studies Institute (DESTIN), Lecturer. Responsible for lecturing, conducting class tutorials and thesis supervision on MSc. in Development Management and MSc. in Development Studies and conducting research. Courses taught: class teaching and contributing lectures for Development Management (DV406); class teaching for Development: Theory, History and Policy (DV400);contributing lecturer for Social Research Methods in Developing Countries (DV410.1).Have contributed with DESTIN staff to discussions and proposals on the identification and development of common research methods and the future research agenda at the Institute, particularly in the area of the political economy of institutions and governance. Principal Researcher on the DESTIN Development Research Centre: “Crisis States Program” (a 5-year, £2.5 million research project funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), United Kingdom).


Ph.D. Economics, University of Cambridge. Thesis title: Political Settlements, Corruption and State Capacity in a Late Developing Democracy: The Political Economy of Governance in Venezuela, 1950-1998.

M.Phil. Economics and Politics of Development, University of Cambridge.

1981-86 BA Economics, Harvard University, cum laude honors


Mar-May, 1997Ministerio de Justicia de la Republica: consultant on World Bank 1997 structural adjustment loan for the reform of the legal system in Venezuela. Responsible for preparing background policy papers for the Venezuelan Ministry of Justice on the role of institutions and property rights in economic performance and an application of the new institutional economic theory to the evolution of the legal structures and procedures in Venezuela, 1958-1996.

June- Nov.1994 Oficina Central de Coordinacin y Planificacin de la Presidencia de la Repblica (CORDIPLAN), consultant in social policy (evaluation of social sector projects and policies) in an official project of the Government of Venezuela Planning Ministry in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Project reference: "VEN/92/016- Support for planning and execution of economic policy".

June-Oct. 1993 Corporacin Venezolana de Guyana (CVG) consultant to the Vice-President of Corporate Planning. Prepared cost-benefit studies on steel, aluminium and alumina investments for the period 1985-1993. The study evaluated the productivity of capital investments, the environmental impact of resource-based industrial production in the Guyana region and the “linkage” effects of CVG enterprises for the private sector manufacturing and service sectors in Venezuela.

Jan.-Mar. 1993 Inter-American Development Bank, consultant for project concerning projections of the financial situation of the Venezuelan Social Security System under the direction of Dr. Gustavo Mrquez. This work formed part of one of the projects of the "Segunda Ronda de Red de Centros de Investigacin Aplicada", Caracas

Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracin (IESA), Caracas, Venezuela, Visiting Researcher. Conducted seminars on research findings concerning Venezuelan public enterprise efficiency; participated in seminars on open economy macroeconomics, theories of economic growth, and cost-benefit analysis. Presented paper on total factor productivity growth and labour productivity growth in Venezuelan manufacturing sector 1961-89; assisted in data collection and methodology in the case study "El subsidio a la electricidad y sus efectos distributivos" for Inter-American Development Bank project: "Gestin fiscal y distribucin del ingreso en Venezuela


July-Aug, 1999 The Ethiopian Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Capacity Building Project (EMPAC), Instructor for training seminars sponsored by School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London and Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation (MEDaC, Ethiopia). Responsible for delivering lectures on Development Strategy and Public Sector Reform and Privatisation to University of Addis Ababa academic staff.

1998-1999 School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, Faculty of Development Studies, Tutorial Lecturer on the course: “Political Economy of Development” for the MSc in Development Studies. Responsible for supplementing weekly lectures and leading discussions on the lecture topics for five tutorial groups (8 students per tutorial).

Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracin (IESA), Caracas, Venezuela. Visiting Lecturer on Masters Degree in Public Policy. Presented lectures for Development Economics Course. Lecture topics included the role of the state in economic development, institutional economics, the political economy of institutional change, privatisation, theories of growth, technology and development, the politics of macroeconomic policy reform, industrial policy, and theories of state failure.

Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracin (IESA) Caracas, Venezuela. Seminar Co-Director of Seminar on Issues in the Political Economy of Reform in Latin America

Fall, 1991 King's College, University of Cambridge, Economics Tutor for third year undergraduates

Faculty of Development Studies, University of Cambridge, Tutor for M.Phil. Course in Economics and Politics of Development.


Oct., 2001 Delivered lecture: “The Political Economy of Privatization and Public Sector Reform to the Kuwait Economic Society (Kuwait City, Kuwait) as part of BP Amoco Lecture Series on Development Issues in Emerging Markets.

Dec.1999 Delivered lecture: “The Political Economy of Corruption, Clientelism and Capitalist Development in Venezuela: 1958 to the Present” for a one-day conference on “Venezuela at the Crossroads” (Trinity College, University of Cambridge) sponsored by the Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge and the Embassy of Venezuela.


2000 “State Capacity Building and Taxation in Historical Perspective”, (co-author: James Putzel) paper presented in Development Studies Institute (DESTIN) Conference: New Institutional Theory, Institutional Reform and Poverty Reduction, 7-8 September 2000. Forthcoming: in Journal of Development Studies.

2000 “Assessing the ‘Good Governance’ Paradigm: Untangling the contradictions in the social capital and capability approach.”, DESTIN Working Paper with intention to submit to Journal of Development Studies:

2001 “The Political Economy of the Resource Curse: A Critical Evaluation”, DESTIN Working Paper (forthcoming); with intention to submit to World Development.

2001 “The Missing Politics in the New Economic History of Latin America: Implications for the Historiography of Institutional Analysis and Development Policy. DESTIN Working Paper (forthcoming) with intention to submit to World Development

2001 “The Centrality of External and Internal Inequality in the Theories and Processes of Latin American Economic Development.” DESTIN Working Paper (forthcoming) with intention to submit to Journal of Latin American Studies.


Spanish (Fluent) and Portuguese (Intermediate)