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Highly qualified Sr. QA/QC Strategic Planning and Process Management Engineer with more than nine years experiences in management consultation, processes modeling , result focused and effectual leader with proven ability to develop strategic plans and operation programs, that are coincide with agency/ firm vision and policies based on international standards and EFQM excellence Model. Talents for proactively identify and resolve problems using modern techniques, and in implement new ideas which help to achieve strategic goals and to continually improve the organization performance and systems.

9/07 –10/09 Sr. Quality Engineer in the CEO office
Traffic & Roads Agency - RTA

Participate in the administration of the quality control efforts, including but not limited to development and administrating the quality management system, quality control plans, integrated technical program, and facilitating change, execute quality plans, policies and procedures at all levels in the Office and Agency. Responsibility includes development and implementation of performance management systems, internal quality audits, management information systems and other technical / administrative system developments. Setting the standards for inspections and controlling the quality in TRA Department.

  • To implement Quality Management system (QMS) in the agency.
  • To standardize Processes in the agency and to get ISO 9001 Certificate.
  • To develop, follow up and measure the implementation of strategic and operation Plan.
  • To develop, follow up and monitor the implementation of excellence Program.
  • To improve agency unit performance (technical and managerial wise).
  • To set balanced scorecards (BSC's) for the Key Persons and tie these cards with strategic and operation Plan.
  • To measure the performance of units regard QHSE issues
  • To participate in Identification the processes needed for the QMS and their application throughout the Agency.
  • To determine criteria and methods needed to ensure that both the operation and control of these processes are effective.
  • Responsible to prepare internal quality audit schedule and ensures that audits are carried out as per the schedule. Maintain all records related to audit schedule, audit report, corrective / preventive actions reports and made available at any point of time.
  • To participate in reviewing and revising the quality assurance policy, ensure the policy is communicated, understood and effectively implemented through out the department.
  • Ensure that appropriate quality systems are integrated in Integrated Management System (IMS) ( ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 )and implemented throughout the department and sustain quality culture in the department

2007 Business and Management Consultant –ITC international

  • Supervision of required stages of Excellence awards from awareness till qualification file preparation using EFQM standards. (training, auditing , following RADAR for self assessment training, Preparing all required Methodologies.).
  • Preparing Strategies through Best Practice Model , follow up action plans through Quarterly Reports (Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4) BY using Balanced Scored Card.
  • BPR , services Re-engineering (As Is» Benchmark »Analysis » To Be . (Time saving , cost savings, quality improvement).
  • Preparing Services to be E-Service. (Electronical Procedures).
  • Linking EPM Practices with applicable methods in any organization and considering them as a part of Excellence Methodologies , In EFQM Model
  • TQM Consultancy.
  • BSC Consultancy
  • Production Planning and Production Measurement Consultancy

2004–2007 QC/ QA Manager -RSTI(Jordan)

  • Participate in Setting Strategic Plan for the company. (mission, Vision , values and goals)
  • Participate in setting action Plans
  • Measure and review Performances and monitor deviations from expected Plan
  • keep high quality of company products by maintain and monitoring Production Process
  • Initiate and develop Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000
  • Build required Quality Manual. Procedures, work instructions and forms.
  • Lead Steering Committee team.
  • Lead Internal Auditing Team.
  • Responsible in implement the QMS and keep it works and monitor any deviation from standards.
  • Report to CEO regard main quality issues.
  • Remodel Processes to be more effective using BPR

Production / Planning Manager

  • Manage , supervise and solve technical Problem and increase quality awareness.
  • Plan Production Orders and control Productions.
  • MPS and MRP and Inventory controls.
  • Establish Standard Operation Manual (SOM) for Plant.
  • Lead Cost Control / cost reduction Program.
  • Increase Productivity by redesigning the process (setting Time, Handling …Etc).
  • Reduce the over all cost of product by matching both statistical control chart

(SPC) with customer requirements

  • Control Manufacturing Process and Monitoring Activities.
  • Supervise shop floor and monitor performance.
  • Generate daily, weekly and monthly Report to analyze Production.
  • Develop and implement plan to increase efficiency by controlling materials utilize

Manpower and equipments.

  • Develop and implement waste Reduction Program.
  • Implement incentive system. Follow up Production Problems and arrange to solve maintenance issues.

–2004 Construction Engineer-National Construction Company (NCC)

  • Planning, Coordinating , monitoring construction activities through to the

Mechanical completion.

  • Ensure Procedures are in place on Site.
  • Study mobilization Plan.
  • Availability of construction aid, equipments, materials and consumables.
  • Push to forward Planning.
  • Allocate Daily Activities.
  • Client / Sub-contractor Liaison.
  • Daily Progress Report.
  • Completion Documentation
  • Compliance in accordance to HSE Standards

2001–2003 production / Planning Engineer - Jordan Steel (JS)

  • Analysis production information and issuing related reports.
  • Develop manufacturing monitoring and measurement systems.
  • Controlling rolling machines replacement.
  • Managing The Preparing and assembly section.
  • Preparing weekly Production Plan.
  • Preparing Working Plan for production Department.
  • Monitoring Shop floor and Employees Performance

Training Courses

10/99 Three Credit Hours Course includes:
1. Total Quality Management.
2. ISO 9000.
3. Just-In-Time System
6/00 Training session by TEAM (engineering and management consultants) in
" Environmental Management System ( ISO 14001) " for top management".

3/02 The Six Sigma Seminar about Quality And TQM presented by Motrola University

6/02 Training Course about Productivity Measurement &Improvement held in Jordan Training Institute

8/02 Training Course about ISO 9000 &Internal Auditing Ver.2000 by ETC

3/04 Training Course about Leadership for Young Engineer by CCC

9/04 Project Management by using Primavera (III) First Level by ETC

10/04 Project Management by using Primavera (III) Advanced Level by ETC

3/05 Energy conservation & Environment impact by ECC

Key Achievements

2008 Participate in setting Traffic and Roads Agency Strategic and Operations Plans.

2007 Applied international techniques in Driven the Clients to Excellence award

2006 Create and apply QMS in the RSTI

2005 Setting Standard Operational manual ( SOM) for the RSTI Company within two months.
Improving Quality of the Chipboard to reach to 90% as A Grade and rise the
Instead of 50%, increase Production to 86% from line capacity.

2004 Lowering the cost of chipboard product by 10%based on Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Reduce Setup time for the Hot rolling mill production line by New layout for assembly units and by effective planning for the products to reduce number of rolling machines which have to be changed.

Major Qualifications:

2000 B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering
University of Jordan /Jordan with G.P.A 3.14 out of 4-point Scale (Very Good)
1995 General Secondary Education Certificate Examination in Scientific Stream
Jordan, G.P.A 96% (Excellent).

Skills & Interest:

Language Visual Basic 6.0, C++ and Fortran 77
Management Strategic Oriented, BPR, Quality Management System (TQM, QMS,ISO) SystemMS DOS, UNIX, Window 3.11, 95 & 98,win NT, Win XP, Win Vista
Computer Experience in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
AutoCAD (Ver 12,13, 14 and 2004).
Software STEP 7 for S7-200 SIEMNES PLC, Under DOS Software for Allen Bradley