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Naji Bejjani

Associate Professor in D.B.A. & M.B.A. programs
International Management Consultant & Trainer

Quick brief

- I am 46 years old. I pursued doctoral studies in Econometrics at the university of La Sorbonne, Paris, France. I hold an M.B.A. from I.E.S.E., Barcelona – Spain. I currently teach in Lebanese universities (e.g: NDU, LAU), mainly in M.B.A programs and in one D.B.A. program. I am a Research Director of several Master Theses and of Doctoral Theses. I am a consultant and trainer. I am a regular columnist in many magazines. Those activities are developed mainly in the management but, on occasions, also in Marketing.

In total, since I came back to Lebanon 13 years ago:

- I have fulfilled about 50 consulting assignments to companies working in various economic sectors, I have trained about 2,000 managers of 600 companies on a total of 20 topics in more than 350 training programs (most managers have participated to more than 1 training program), and I have given about 150 in-house training programs to a total of 1,600 people (managers and non-managers) from 60 companies. Even if I am being based in Lebanon for about 12 years, I have developed those activities in 10 countries.

- I have taught about 50 university courses to a total of about 1,200 students (mainly in MBA courses, and, also, in one DBA course). I have also created and given a course on “Culture Générale” at the Faculté de Philosophie of the Holy Spirit University – Kaslik (USEK).

- I have given a total of 15 conferences in 8 countries (in Europe, America and the Arab World) to audiences ranging from 50 to 1,200 people (e.g: I have been invited twice as a speaker in the bi-yearly congress that the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants organizes at UNESCO). On one occasion, I have been the chairman of a cycle of conferences (March 2000: Cycle of conferences on environment protection in USJ – Université Saint Joseph).

- I have published about 70 articles in 12 local and international publications.

- I have been invited as a guest in many talk shows on Lebanese TV to talk about business or economic issues.

- I have participated in many cultural activities (e.g: I have created and animated a Cine-Club for 3 years).

- I am a co-founder of the “Entrepreneurship centre of Lebanon” (currently known as “e-center”), an inter-university non-profit orientated club created to brainstorm new business ideas and to help graduate students who come out with interesting ideas to start up their own business.

Some key events in my recent professional history:

In the summer of 1997, I was an official guest at the palace of the President of the Republic of Malta. I was then one of the keynote speakers in an international congress on Tourism & Marketing.

In the summer of 1998, I was an official guest at a special cocktail party at the prime minister’s palace in the Republic of Tunisia. This cocktail was given for the keynote speakers of an international congress on Tourism, Marketing, & Culture.

At the end of 1998, I was voted the second best speaker in an international congress on French-speaking advertising in Montréal, Canada, where more than a 100 speakers from about 50 countries were present.

During 1999, I was twice invited to be a keynote speaker in 2 international congresses organized by the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants. I spoke the first time on the concept of quality and the second time on the effect of the V.A.T. on the Lebanese economy. The 2 congresses were held at the UNESCO Palace, Beirut, with an approximate audience of 1,200 people each.

In the spring of 2000, I was invited to be the chairman of a highly mediatized cycle of conferences on environment protection and its effect on human resources development, held at the Saint Joseph University, Beirut.

Other information:

I have given a large number of conferences and seminars mostly on today’s challenges in human resources management and in human resources development, and on strategic thinking.

Detailed Curriculum Vitae Of : Naji J. Bejjani

50 years, male




Master Degree in Business Administration, Bilingual (English-Spanish), in "Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa". This business school is considered as one the most important ones in Europe, and is co-managed by Harvard Business School, sharing the same Faculty Members. Special mentions in my M.B.A: Marketing Strategies and policies - Organizational Structures and their Enhancements.

UNIVERSITE DE PARIS-I - Panthéon, Sorbonne - PARIS, FRANCE: (1980-1983)

Doctoral studies in Econometrics (not finished).


“Maîtrise” in “Econométrie et Relations Economiques Internationales”. Also, “Licence” en “Economie Appliquée” - Emphasis on “Econométrie” and “Economie Monétaire Internationale”.



"Zertificat für Gute Kenntnisse" in German.


Passed there the Trinity College Diploma - Grade XII in Written and Spoken English, Mention: With Honours.
Pursued there all my school and High School Studies.



After a 6-month period as a trainee in the various departments of the bank, I was assigned first to the department that took care of investments in the Stock Exchange, where I had to analyse in depth the public companies whose shares were advised to the bank's clients. Later on, I was assigned to the credit committee, where I had to analyse the companies who applied for the bank's various financial products.


I was the general manager of the company. I was also in charge of the analysis department that created integrated Business Software for client companies. The company supplied computer "systems". We meant by system: a multi-user and multitasking hardware with an adaptable software developed in-house. Apart from the analyst's job, my exact mission was to turn the company around, from a close-to-bankruptcy situation to a profitable one, getting back its former solid and respected market image. During this multiple assignment, I finally specialized in IBM systems.


This is a company that I co-founded for Software Consulting and Development. I managed it until February 93, (that was when I returned to Lebanon) delegating the management of the company to one of my top executives. The company was co-founded with an IBM system analyst and programmer, and with a former client of mine who acted as a financier and public relations agent. As for the Software Development, we specialized in Business Software for Electrical Contractors and Distribution Companies, for users of IBM mini-systems (S/36 and AS/400). I was also the chief functional analyst of the company.


While holding the various job positions that I described before, I developed many consulting assignments, in such varied fields as Business Strategy and Organization, Marketing Strategy, Internal Auditing on Accounts and Accounting Systems, Financial Policies, and in M.I.S. (Management Information Systems).

I also supplied Recruitment services, mainly as a “by-product” of my consultancy assignments. The following are a sample of the companies where I developed those activities:


This company was dedicated to the production of micro and mini multi-user computer systems with the EINA (“eina” means “tool” in the Catalan language) brand. I had to optimize the profitability of the purchasing policy of components through the rationalization of this policy. I also had to improve the organization of the production workshop.


This company’s activity was the distribution of British cars, the sale of spare parts for these cars and the repair of the latter. I first studied the details of the activities and the organization of the company in view of its computerization and then I continued working for this company as a general M.I.S. consultant. I also had to study the enhancement of the Marketing Strategy in order to improve the competitive position of the company in an aggressive market environment.


This company is dedicated to the production of electrical components for industrial use, and to the commercialization of specialized electrical products made by other companies. My assignment there was as much M.I.S. consulting as training of employees on the use of software. Moreover, I was asked to study the enhancement of the production methods, of the marketing systems, and to find ways to increase market share and prestige. I also had to set up a defence strategy to counter an aggressive offer made by a large industrial conglomerate, interested in purchasing the company.


During that period, I organized, wrote and taught various training courses to experienced managers and businessmen in groups of 12 to 20 trainees. The subjects were the following:








I came back to Lebanon in February 93. While studying which services the market needed most, I quickly realized that, at least as far as data processing systems are concerned, user companies were seeking people who would know how to analyse problems and study solutions to them, then participating in their implementation, rather than seeking additional software developers.

Therefore I concentrated on the consulting and training part of my activities. I also found that computer consulting was a good starting point to re-develop the full extent of my former management consulting and training experience. Consequently, I felt that I could extend my consultancy offer in many directions: marketing policy and tactics, system analysis, computer auditing, human resources enhancements, restructuring of problematic organizations, sales training, M.I.S. training, training on communication skills, strategic marketing training, training on new management methods, etc..... (please see also APPENDIX 1). By doing this, I am proposing to the market a comprehensive business consultancy package, apparently much needed in Lebanon.

Topics of some previous consultancy assignments:

- Insurance company: Marketing Strategy, Organizational efficiency, evaluation systems of human resources, computer consultancy, training programs on management techniques, on internal communication, and on management information systems.

- Media representative company: Marketing strategy, new management techniques, performance appraisal systems of human resources, marketing and management training.

- Bank:Detailed reengineering methodology and plan of action, new systems for evaluating employees.

- Major Arab group of companies: Detailed marketing strategy and plan of action based on a comprehensive marketing research.

-Import and export company:Total reengineering, recruitment methodology and performance appraisal systems.

- Computer company (Hardware reseller & Software developer for multi-user systems): Total reengineering, management of human conflicts and reshuffling of the marketing strategy.

- Manufacturer of food products: Total reengineering.

- Large chain of retail outlets:: Full Human Resources Consultancy.

- Swiss institution for the production of “natural and biological” food and cosmetics products (consulting work developed on premises in Switzerland): Marketing and communication strategy on the Swiss scale and on the international one.

(Please see also APPENDIX 2)


I have directed 4 doctoral theses in Business Administration.

I have directed 25 MBA theses.

I have recently taught many courses related to Management and Human Resources Management in the M.B.A. program at A.U.T. and one senior undergraduate course in the Hospitality Management Department of that same university.

I have taught “Corporate Leadership” in the D.B.A. (Doctoral Degree in Business Administration) program of NEWPORT UNIVERSITY – Lebanon Chapter.

In this same university, I have taught “Human Resources Management” and “Marketing Management” in the M.B.A. program.

I have taught “Advanced Marketing Management” and “Advanced Management Techniques” in the Master program (M.B.A.) at Notre-Dame University (N.D.U.), in Lebanon.

I have also taught “Introduction to Management” at the Lebanese American University (L.A.U.) – Byblos campus.

I have taught 2 courses that I had created from scratch, one called “Management Consulting”, the other called “Comparative International Management Methods & Cultures”, in the MBA program at Université du Saint-Esprit-Kaslik (USEK), in Lebanon.

In the same previous university, U.S.E.K., I have also created a course called: “Culture Générale - Questions d’Actualité”. I started to teach it to first year students during the university year 1999-2000, in the “Faculté de Sciences Humaines et de Philosophie”.

Moreover, I have regularly taught various topics at the “Institut de Formation par Alternance” (I.F.A.), which is the training institute created by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beirut, in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce of Paris and of Versailles.

From July 95 to May 96, I have written monthly articles in the Lebanese magazine “CHRONIQUE”. In those articles, I have analysed practical business problems and economic issues.

From September 97 to November 98, I have written monthly articles about management and marketing problems in the monthly Lebanese magazine “MASCULIN”.

I sometimes write analysis articles about marketing issues in the Mid-Eastern marketing and advertising magazine “ARAB AD”, and in the Lebanese business magazine “LE COMMERCE DU LEVANT”.

I also write, from time to time, analysis articles about economic and management issues in the following Lebanese daily newspapers: “L’ORIENT-LE-JOUR” and “AN-NAHAR”.

Recently, I have also written an article about new marketing trends in the specialized Belgian magazine “MEDIA MARKETING”.

I have given many conferences (in Lebanon and abroad) about the new tendencies in Marketing, about new management methods, and about the effects of INTERNET on the business world.

I am the international lecturer representing Lebanon for l’Organisation Méditerranéenne des Journalistes et Ecrivains de Tourisme (O.M.J.E.T.).

I was recently featured, as a “management guru”, on the cover story of “LE COMMERCE DU LEVANT” – October 2003, in an interview that was made with me by one the magazine’s reporters.

I am also a regular guest speaker in Lebanese TV talk shows that deal with business and economic issues.

Recap 1: DBA courses taught:
Corporate Leadership.

Recap 2: MBA courses taught:

  • Advanced Sales Management
  • Advanced Strategic Management.
  • Advanced Strategic Marketing
  • Comparative Management Cultures
  • Contemporary Management Issues
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Leadership
  • Management Consulting
  • Marketing Management.
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Organizational Theory
  • Project Management Techniques

Recap 3: Undergraduate courses taught:

  • Business Development & Corporate Sales
  • Communication
  • Culture Générale
  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Behaviour

Other courses that I can teach:

  • Developing Debating Skills
  • Developing Negotiation Skills
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Marketing Audit
  • Marketing Management in Times of Crisis
  • Managing Innovation


- While in Europe, I collaborated with various daily, weekly and other periodical publications by writing articles on M.I.S., on the economic crisis and its effect on business organizations, on the structure of the computer market and the evolving of potential clients' needs, etc ....
- I was the president of the 1st year students in the M.B.A. school.

- Hobbies: Intensive reading, movie films, mind games (Crosswords, cultural games, mental computing).

- Languages spoken and written:

  • ARABIC: Fluent
  • FRENCH: Fluent
  • ENGLISH: Fluent
  • SPANISH: Fluent.
  • CATALAN: Fluent
  • GERMAN: Above average.

APPENDIX 1: Topics of my main training workshops:

[All seminars are intensely interactive with role-play, team building exercises and case studies]


1- New management techniques and practice: Duration: 15 hours.

2- Advanced Strategic Management (15 hours).

3- Leadership, or how to build on your E.Q. (15 hours)

4- Managing Change (10 hours).

5- Challenges facing family-managed businesses (15 hours).

6- Developing Management Intuition (15 hours).

7- Recipes to Increase Your Profit Quickly (15 hours).

8- Enhancing Customer Support (15 hours).

9- Time Management (4 x 5 hours).

10- The Executive Assistant’s job (10 hours).


11- New Marketing Techniques & Practice (15 hours).

12- Advanced Strategic Marketing (15 hours).

13- Building an optimal Customer Service environment (15 hours).

14- Marketing and Sales Management in times of crisis (15 hours)


15- Interactions between Marketing Management and Sales Force Management (15 hours)

16- Advanced Sales Management (20 hours).

17- Advanced Selling Techniques (15 hours).

18- Negotiation Skills (15 hours).

19- Advanced Negotiation Techniques (one full day - 8 hours): This seminar consists exclusively of role playing exercises and is only proposed to people who had already participated to our seminar on Negotiation Skills.


20- Enhancing Teamwork & Communication (15 hours).

21- Techniques for Conflict Resolution Management (15 hours).

22- Recruitment Methodology (15 hours).

23- Advanced Interviewing Techniques (one full day - 8 hours): This seminar consists exclusively of role playing exercises and is only proposed to people who had already participated to our seminar on Recruitment Methodology.

24- Employees’ Performance Appraisal Systems (4 x 5 hours).

25- Advanced human resources management (15 hours).


26- How to measure the implementation of your strategy (15 hours).

27- How to become an effective trainer (15 hours).

We can organize in-house training programs for employees of the same company. We also have a long experience in this kind of training programs. The topics we usually train on, in in-house programs, are: “Enhancing Internal Communication”, “Enhancing Customer Service”, “Selling Techniques”, “Conflict Resolution Management”, “Middle Management Techniques”, or even a tailored mix of those topics, or a tailored mix of all the outlines that shall be presented hereafter. The procedures and the outlines of those programs are flexible. They vary according to the needs of the company.

“Hot Sat Tops” (HST) seminars:

[The following seminars tackle more specific issues. They can be provided either through a short 4-hour version (the seminar will then be rather conference-like) or through a 15-hour training-like version]

HST-1- Managing in times of crisis.

HST-2- What it means to let your employees be shareholders.

HST-3- Marketing in times of crisis.

HST-4- Integrating e-commerce in your marketing and sales strategies.

HST-5- Sales management in times of crisis.

HST-6- The strategic role of Human Resources management.

HST-7- The innovation process in any company.

APPENDIX 2: Reference List:

Some people knowledgeable about my consultancy and/or my training work:
- MITSULIFT & EQUIPMENT: Mir Karim Abillama, General Manager – Tel: 961-4-542-803.

- ROADSTER Diner – Mr. Houssam Yaacoub, Human Resources Manager – Te: 961-3-78-64-67.

- ABC Mall & Department Stores: Mr. Pierre Abou Khalil, Human Resources Manager – Tel: 961-1-212-888.

- GS (Grand Stores): Mr. Fady Rayess, Managing Director – Tel: 961-1-35-30-35.
- HEATING SYSTEMS, S.A.L: Mr. Philippe Tyan, General Manager - Tel: 961-1-873-311.

- ZAMEL AIR CONDITIONERS: Mr. Abdallah AL-ZAMEL, partner and marketing vice-president – Mr. Khalil Issa – new business development manager - Tel: 966-3-857-4444 (Saudi Arabia).

- CENTRE DR. BURGENER: Mr. Pierre Kairouz, C.E.O. - Tel: 41-79-449-03-38 (Switzerland).

- THE BRAIN POWER COMPANY: Mr. Tammam Kandakji, C.E.O. – Tel: 965-944-92-51 (Kuwait)

Some participants in my training seminars:
- Mr. Maher Halabi: CEO – GIANT STORES – Tel: 974-588-1987 (Qatar).

- Mr. Mohammad Soukkar: CEO - SOUKKAR TRADING COMPANY – Tel: 963-21-224-03-14 / 963-21-225-26-54 (Syria)

- Mr. Khaled Hariri: 961-3-22-94-98.

- Dr. Shérif Bedrane: CEO - INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - Tel: 961-1-481-075 / 6 / 7.

- Mrs. Yasmine Tawil: Sales & Service Manager – STANDARD CHARTERED BANK –
Tel: 961-1-217-782 / 3 / 4.

- Mr. Roger Awad: Regional Manager – Bank “CREDIT LIBANAIS” – Tel: 961-1-339-272.

- Mr. Jean-Claude Nahas: CEO - FABRIANO Lebanon – Tel: 961-3-301-304
- Mr. Habib Ghandour: Director of Development - CONSULTING CLINICS, Inc., Tel: 961-3-273-073.

- Dr. Fady Lama: Engineering consultant & Associate Professor at the American University of Beirut - Tel: 961-3-368-642.

- Mr. Bernard Jabre: Finance professor and finance consultant - Tel: 961-1-34-68-11.

- Dr Jihad Samaha: Former Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Notre Dame University (NDU), Lebanon - COO of KARAM GROUP Contracting & Engineering Consulting – Tel: 961-3-270-200

Other references:
- Dr. Hratch Hadjétian: Former Dean of the Business School – NDU - Tel: 961-9-218-950

- Mr. Jean Claude Boulos, CEO of Interrégies-advertising agency, and President of the International Advertising Association - Tel: 961-1-490-966 / 7.

- Mr. Dory Daccache, Managing Director of CREPAWAY, and Former President of the Lebanese Association of Restaurant Owners – Tel: 961-9-643-650.