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Year Degree Major Institution
1992 Ph.D Management Sciences U. of Texas/Dallas
1988 M.S. Management Sciences U. of Texas/Dallas
1985 M.B.A Management U. of North Texas
1981 B.A. Management/Marketing Lebanese University

Outstanding ability to teach business and economic courses at the Ph.D, MBA and BA levels with 21 years academic teaching experience.

Superior performance in curriculum development, teaching, training, and research with proven track records of achievements (both in the USA, Europe and the middle east).

Expertise/ human professional with 21 years internal and external consulting experience, developing solutions to a wide range of business problems for both individuals and organizations.

Achieve high-quality  results through executing and delivering more than 150 training programs and seminars (both in Arabic & in English) at the request of well-known local and international organizations operating in both the private and public sectors.


Superior academic teaching (and research) record with 21 years of exeprience with the following well-known and reputable universities:Lebanese University, Kalamoon University, American University of Beirut, Lebanese American University, & The University of Texas at Dallas.
Professor at the Lebanese University, School of Business Administration.

Ex- Dean of The School of Business & Management at Kalamoon University.

President, Consultant and Founder (COAR): Developed and delivered a wide-range consultancy quality services and researches for various private and public client organizations.

Operations Research Manager for Texas Consulting Organization (USA).

Compensation Analyst for Superconducting Supercollider Laboratory Inc. (USA).

Assistant Director of the Academic Center (AC) of the Laboratory of  The University of  Texas at Dallas. 


Author of the four well reputable Published books: (1): Principles & New Trends in Managing Organizations, (2): Human Resource Management: A Strategic Perspective, (3): Managing and Studying Feasible Projects, and (4):  Management of Organizations.

Author of the following Published articles
-Work-family conflict and career success:the effects of domain-specific determinants, Journal of Management Development, 2008.
--Organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions: A study of Lebanese nurses, Arab Journal of Administrative Sciences, 2008.
-Career success: the effects of human capital, person-environment fit and organizational support, Journal of Managerial Psychology, 2007.
-The premises and promises of training and development considerations in the       modernization of lebanese public administration, Lebanese University Press, UNDP & Indevco,1993.
-Human resource policy for middle eastern firms:the impact of western management, Academy of Management Proceedings, 1992.
-Efficient cultures: a futher exploration, Academy of Management Proceedings, 1991.
Author of several published articles written in arabic (a detailed list is available upon request

Among the courses taught the following:

-Strategic Leadership -Organizational Behavior
-Project Management -Management of organizations
-Operations Management -Human Resource Management
-Organization Theory and Design -The Corporation

Among the seminars/workshops deliverd to professional managers the following:

-Positive Thinking -Decision Making & Problem Solving
- Building Relationships -Innovation and Creativity
-Leadership and Management -Coaching, Counselling & Mentoring
-Advanced supervisory Skills -Interview & Selection Techniques


  • Research Achievement/Exhibition Award held at Unesco Palace- Beirut under the patronage of the President General Emile Lahhoud (2 awards).
  • Honorary managing Editor and Board Member Al-Mostashar.
  • Distinguished Teaching Award, Richland College.
  • Appreciation for Efforts to develop a one-day preconference Workshop on Research in Diversity in Organization, Las Vegas.
  • Honorary participants' Award for delivering "Time Management" Program.