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Samia Galal Abdel Hamid Saad EDUCATION
  • Doctoral Degree in sanitary Engineering - North Carolina

    State University , 1973. USA

  • Master Degree in Civil Engineering , North Carolina State

    University, (Sanitary Engineering). 1970

  • Diploma of Public Health, (Sanitary Chemistry) 1969 . High

    Institute of Public Health

  • Advanced Courses in Chemical Engineering (1968) Alexandria


  • Atendee of Several Training For the trainers Programs in Health

And Safety of industrial establishments.
Environmental Education Methodology. Hazardous Waste
Management, Industrial Pollution Prevention, Risk Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment and Industrial Auditing. Oil
Spills and contingency planning for their Avoidance.
Petrolium Oil Facilities Auditing and Pollution Prevention of
Petrolium Industrial Facilities. Promoting gender and natural
Resources conservation issues in policy - making
Populating Links With natural resources and environmental
- B.Sc. Chemical Engineering. Alexandria University, 1965

  • visiting Professor at the American University in Cairo
  • Professor of Environmental Health , High Institute of Public

    Health, Alexandria University

  • Consultant to El Zafarana Petrolium Oil Company For Their

    Shore and off Shore oil Production Facilities.

  • Environmental Consultant for Egyptian Environmental Affairs

    Agency for industrial audits in Collaboration with over seas
    Development Agency (ODA).

  • Consultant to the National Population Council. for

    Preperation of indicators measuring the Adoption of the
    I C P D , as supported by UNFPA.

  • Co-Principal investigator for training Project " Manpower

    Development in Environmental Management "

  • Technical Consultant for Alexandria General organization for

    Sanitary Drainage

  • Consultant for the urban sustainable Development task force

    Supported By UNDP

  • Environmental Health Consultant for the social fund program

    In Egypt ( UNDP . World Bank joint With The Ministerial
    Cabinet in Egypt)

  • Acting President for the Egyptian Association for industry

    And Environment. Women chapter (NGO)

  • Member of the National Committee for Promotion of Public

    Health University Staff

  • Member of the National Environment Research Planning Board.

    Egyptian Academy of Science

  • President , Woman and Environment chapter in the Egyptian

    Democratic Party in Environment
    Environmental Consultant for C I D A project for water
    Resources Management in Egypt
    - Environmental consultant to the Economic and social
    Commission for western Asia for the preparation of the
    Regional document for the UN woman conference in Beijing.

  • Consultant to FAO for the Preparation of the Regional

    Document on rural women as natural resources conservers in
    The Middle East. And conducting training workshops on gender
    And environment integration in agriculture and rural development


Environmental Health and Environmental Engineering experience
Since 1966 uptil now:

  • September 1994 - Now

    Visiting professor of Environmental Engineering . AUC

  • November 1983 - September 1994

    Professor of Environmental Health

  • October 1978 - November 1983

    Associate Professor of Environmental Health

  • August 1973 - October 1978

    Assistant Professor of Environmental Health

Duties and areas of experience:

  • Teaching graduate courses in environmental engineering and environmental science subjects pollution prevention and waste minimization environmental impact assessment and industrial auditing assessment of industrial waste toxicity water treatment and industrial waste treatment as well as water and wastewater laboratory administration, Solid waste Management, Management of hazardous wastes, Environmental risk assessment and environmental monitoring.
  • Conducting training programs for water and wastewater analysis designing monitoring programs, Quality control and quality assurance of laboratory .
  • Trainer of trainers in environmental impact assessment of industrial plants in british ODA training programs and other foreign donors supported programs , (Petrolium refineries oil fields Petrolium drilling operations offshore oil facilities textile metal finishing and food processing plants) and industrial auditing for the operating facilities .
  • Organizing training programs in industrial cleaner production solid and hazardous waste management awareness and preparedness plans at the industrial and community levels with Suez Petrolium oil company .
  • Executing conferences and symposia at the international and national levels in problems realted to risk assessment industrial parks environmental health and (USEPA) and women role in the environment ( Lebanon and sultanate Oman ) women fund raising ( Beijing women conference and ICPD Cairo solid waste management in collaboration with med. camp project turkey Greece and Italy urbanization and its impacts on environment Lebanon and turkey .

5- March 1979 - November 1982 :

Co-principal investigator for the following projects with us EPA and the high institute of public health :

  • Water renovation and recycling in poultry processing applied research for water conservation processing plant ( April 1976 - march 1981 )
  • Integrated study of pollution control at moharrem bye industrial complex study of inplant measures for pollution control based on surveying the processes and their final effluent characteristics ( July 1977 - June 1982 )
  • Assessment of industrial pollution in Alexandria studies covering the major industrial complexes in Alexandria metropolitan area ( October 1979 - November 1981 ) .
  • Manpower development in industrial environmental management ( 1989 - now ) co-principal investigator for project supported DY the FRCU joint Egyptian American research council entitled public health aspects of wastewater application to land ( 1984 - 1990 ) .

6- Principal investigator from : November 1981 to 1988 :

  • Biotoxicty assessment of raw industrial effluents and after treatment in this project biotoxicity indicators including fish algae drosophila and seed germination were used to evaluate the toxicity of the raw effluent as well as after treatment with different treatment stages.
  • Participation in other research projects :
  • Dairy waste pollution problems and soutions project carried at north Carolina State university, Dept. of food science ( 1971 - 1973 ) .
  • Assessment of public health status in Alexandria beaches project supported by the national academy of science Egypt ( 1978 - 1979 )
  • " The Survey of Qir Bay for selection of proper cooling water intake for power

Plant " project supported by the national Electricity and power authority.
1977 - 1979.

  • The River Nile Monitoring Program .1978 - 1979
  • Salzburg Seminar on Management of Environmental Risks hild in Salzburg.

    Austria. April 1987

  • " Management of solid waster in Developing Countries of West Asia Region."

    Held in Kuwait. April. 1987

  • International conference on Hazardous Waste Management in developing

    Countries. Held in Istanbul. Turkey. July 1986

  • International Conference on New Frontiers for Hazardous Waste

    Management, Pittsburgh, USA. 1985

  • Executive director for the '' International Symposium on Industrial and

    Hazardous Waste in,'' Alexandria. Egypt. June. 1985

  • 57th Annual Water pollution control Federating . New Orleans.

    USA. September . 1984

  • Member of the Organizing committee for '' Environmental Management

    For Developing countries .''Istanbul .Turkey . 1984

  • " Environmental Technology for Developing ." Istanbul Turkey . 1984
  • " Environmental Technology for Developing Countries ."

    Istanbul . Turkey . 1982

  • "Physiological and Biochemical Aspects of Marine Biology Conference "

    Held in Taormina . Italy. 1983

  • "Management of Industrial Wastewater in Development Nations."

    Alexandria . Egypt . March 1981

  • Symposium on the Assessment of Toxic Matter In The Environmental .Held

    In Tokyo . Japan . 1982

  • Symposium on the Scientific Basis for the Assessment of Hazards for

    Chemicals Associated With the Environment . London. 0982

  • The 7th Conference on water and waste. England .September. 1981
  • Second International Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion .Germany.

    September. 1981

  • " Water Pollution Control Conference . 52." Las Vegas Nevada.

    USA . October 1980

  • Fifth International Conference on Environmental Planning And Management.

    Roorkee . India. April 1990

  • 17th International wedc Conference " Infrastructure. Environmental . Water

    And People ." Nairobi . Kenya . 1991

  • The Global Assembly On Woman and Environmental . Florida . USA. 1991
  • The National Council for International Health (NCIH) .Washington d .c. June




  • WHO - Temporary Advisor For the workshop held in Yemen on urban

    Environmental Health Education . July 1983

  • Consultant For the world Bank Supported Social Fund in Egypt Since July

    1993 till now in '' planning and Executing programs in promotion community participation in Environmentally Sound sustainable development in upper Egypt ''

  • Consultant for the Yemen Republic council of Environment protection for

    Planning and conducting Training Program for Decision - makers mass media
    Woman and social leaders in Environmental Issues and integration of the
    Environmental Dimension for sustainable Development Planning

  • Invited Speaker for the conference on the Role of woman in Environmental

    In the Arab Region. held in Beirut University Lebanon. November 1993

  • Short - term Local Consultant For the world Environmental Center Mission

    To Egypt For Industrial Cleaner Production in food industry. August 1993

  • Consultant for FAO Regional office in Cairo promotion the role of rural

    Woman in Environmentally Sound and Sustainable rural Development
    Projects. June- December 1993

  • Consultant to UNDP and GEF projects since April 1993 on promoting the

    Role of NGO, S in Environment Protection in Egypt

  • Consultant to the '' Environmental pollution Prevention prevention Program''

    USAID Project in the workshop held in Alexandria Egypt .August 1993 . in
    Cleaner Production Application in developing Countries. and promoting
    Community Participation in Pollution Prevention

  • Technical advisor For Setting Guidelines for Monitoring Land - Base

    Sources of Marine Pollution (WHO/UNEP Joint Project Medpol Phase II)

  • Advisor for woman and Environment workshop held in WHO regional

    Office in Alexandria. Egypt. 1991

  • a. Technical Consultant to the general organization for power and Electricity

    IN their chemical laboratory Upgrading and staff training to organize and
    Operate a water and wastewater laboratory

  • Proper water treatment for their power generation and Selection of proper

Cooling Water sources
2) a. Technical Consultant to Alexandria Petroleum Company for combating
The water corrosion problem crealed by using sea water as a source
of cooling water

  • Surveying the domestic waste disposal problem and helping in the choice

Of proper treatment system
3) Consultant to the Alexandria local public Assembly in the performance of
The Alexandria General organization for Sanitary Drainage
4) Consultant to Alexandria General Planing Project for the Evaluation of
Environmental Pollution Status of the Governorate

  • Technical Consultant to the Engineering Consulting Group Responsible

For Industrial waste treatment projects for the following industrial firms :

  • El - Nasr for drying Agricultural crops
  • Middle East Carpet Company MECCA
  • Lactuel Company for Cosmetics
  • Lecico Company for ceramic tiles and bathroom utilities

Hamza . A. Saad . S. And J. Witheraw
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Witheraw . G .Hamza . A. and S. Saad
''Water reuse in poultry processing '' 33 Annual Purdue Industrial Waste Conference . Indiana .USA .(1978)

Hamouda .F . Hamza .A . and E .Amine
Effect of Water Conservation and Renovation on Keeping Quality of Poultry International Symposium on Management of Industrial Wastewater . Alexandria
March 1981

Saad .S .And A. Hamza
Dispersed Flotation of Edible oil Wastewater .Bulletin of High Institute Of Public
Health . Vol. .x 1980

Saad .S . Hamza . A .And F . Hamouda
''Anaerobic Treatment of Yeast Wastewater '' 7th Conference on water And Waste Engineering for Developing Countries .Loughborough .England .September 1981

Saad . S .And A .Hamza
''Seed Germination as Detector for Toxicity of Heavy Metals'' Submitted to Symposium on the Scientific Basis for the Assessment

Saad . S .and A. Masry
'' Toxicity of Some Heavy Metals to Drosophila Melanogaster " the Bulletin of the
High Institute of Public Health. Vol. . II 1982

Saad .S. and M. Zaki
'' Toxicity Assessment of Raw And Treated Tannery Wastes Using Fish Bioassay '' 1981 . Proceedings of the Environmental Technology for Developing Countries . Held At Bogazici University . Turkey . 1982

Saad . S . M . Zaki
Assessment of textile waste by mugil capito and Development stages of Cyprinus
Capri. The Bulletin of the high institute of Public health . Vol XI .no .5. 1981

Saad . S. Taha . S . Masry .A . Zaki and M. Maksoud
'' Biotoxicity Evaluation of Textile Industrial Wastes. '' Bulletin of the High Institute of Public Health. Vol. XI. No. 1. 1981

Masry. A. And Saad . S .
''Mutagenic Effect of Inorganic Mercury in Drosophila Melanogaster.'' Bulletin of
The High Institute of Public Health .Vol XI. 4 .1981


Saad .S. And Hamza .A
'' Phytotoxicity Assessment of Some Industrial and Combined domestic Wastes ''
Bulletin of the high Institute of Public Health. Vol. XI. 3. 1981

Saad .S .And M. Zaki
''Bioassays in Detecting the Toxicity of Raw and Treated Pharmaceutical Waste.''
Proceedings of the environmental technology for Developing countries. Held at
Bogazici university. Turkey. 1982

Women and tropical Diseases Conference Proceedings on the role of women in Environmental. Alexandria. Egypt. December 1992

Saad. S. G.
Awareness and training of women in Environmental.” conference Proceeding on The role of woman in Environmental. Alexandria Egypt. December 1992

Saad . S. G.
Industrial waste survey and impacts on Alexandria sewerage projects: A Computer aided Study ’’ Conference on Environmental Geophysics held in Izmir.
Turkey. 1992

Mohamed. M. G. and S .G. Saad
” Clean Technology Approaches in metal enameling Industry.’’Conference proceedings. Italy. 1993

In Addition to 14 papers currently in process of publications



  • Teaching Graduate courses at the American University in Cairo. In the following subjects: Environmental Impact Assessment. Cleaner production water and wastewater technology in relation to population issues.
  • Teaching graduate advanced sanitary chemistry and engineering courses

1973 – now at the HIPH

  • Teaching in training programs sponsored by the following different


  • First Training course of the Arab specialists in the field of environmental

Protection (15 countries sponsored by ALESCO. July 1975

  • Training course for food sanitation (10 countries sponsored by ALESCO .

June 1976) director and technical administrator as well as teaching

  • Regional training course on water quality monitoring ’’ gems program ’’

Sponsored by WHO

  • Environmental education for engineers short training program sponsored

By UNESCO 1977

e. Training program for chemists and engineers of water authority

f. Training program for the chemists and engineers of the sanitary sewage
General Organization

g. Special training courses tailored to suit the different specialists in the field
of environmental sanitation . sponsored by WHO

  • Chemists and laboratory operators on water and wastewater analysis in

The different industries

  • Second training course of the Arab specialists in the field of Environmental

Production (10 countries). Sponsored by ALESCO . March 1979

IV. Teaching undergraduates Courses for sanitarians since 1973- now. Institute
Of technical health assistance. Ministry of health.

V. Teaching undergraduate courcec for sanitary engineers at North Carolina
State university (1970 – 1971)


1. The world health organization fellowship for one year 1969-1 USA

  • Ford foundation post doctoral fellowship in USA and Japan.

March – June 1977

  • The Rolex enterprise award for environmental projects (one out of 26

Winners around the w world) 1978

  • Alexandria University award for scientific achievements. 1982

5. The national academy of science award of environmental research. 1983