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A Step-by-Step Developing Balanced Scorecards and KPIs from Organizational Strategy


Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
The Truly Strategic Way to measure performance of Employees, Departments and Business Units is by measuring their contribution to Organizational Strategic Objectives.
This program shows you how to practically understand this technique and gain a multi-discipline understanding of the issues involved. The program is intended for personnel involved in developing, implementing and communicating Balanced Scorecards and relevant KPI's in their Departments and Organizations.

Program Content

  1. Identifying the Objectives of your Organization
  2. Strategic Initiatives for your Department
  3. Identifying the Key Success Factors for the Strategic Initiatives
  4. Understanding the Processes Leading to Internal & External Customer Satisfaction
  5. Identifying Technology that Supports the Initiatives
  6. Identifying the Departmental Culture required for Achievement of the Strategic Initiatives
  7. Identifying Motivation Plan for the Initiatives
  8. Identifying Human Resource Development Needs for the Initiatives
  9. Developing KPI's that support the Initiatives
  10. Developing the Balanced Scorecard
  11. Validating the KPI's and Scorecard
  12. Scorecard Implementation Strategy
  13. Overcoming Resistance to KPI and Scorecard Implementation

Program Workshop & Case Study...

  1. Challenges Faced during Design & Deployment of Strategic Performance Management System
  2. How You Propose to Address the Challenge
  3. The Balanced Scorecard Methodology you will use
  4. Identification of Core Measures – for Health & Success
  5. Data Collection Standards & Techniques
  6. How to Maintain the Methodology
  7. Build the Knowledge Management System - Useful Sources of Information (Internal & External)

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