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Advanced Presentation Skills


Many people have a fear of presenting in public. This programme is designed to take the fear and stress away from presenting by offering a series of tools and techniques that facilitate great presentations. The ability to present ideas and concepts is an increasingly valuable skill within the modern workplace; further it is required at all levels within the organisation. The ability to influence groups of people and create a momentum for action is rewarding, both for the individual and the organisation. For many, the challenge is to develop the confidence to present. Whether you are a seasoned orator or a novice, you can improve your business presentation skills and enhance your personal credibility through planning, preparation and practice.

In this five day programme delegates will practice presenting in a supportive environment and learn how to structure their materials to create engaging presentations that inform, educate and entertain their audiences. They will learn how to use body language, the importance of tone and projection and the paramount need to make a good early impression. This course builds on existing skills and seeks to enhance performance and develop confidence by providing a structured approach combined with practice sessions and focused feedback. The programme seeks to build a perception of presenting as a means for delegates to meet their professional goals and not an exercise that creates fear and apprehension.

Workshop highlights are:

  • A hugely interactive and practically based experience.
  • Presentations are made in a highly supportive environment, each delegate affording feedback to their colleagues.
  • Tried and tested techniques are employed to generate tangible and immediate improvement; Genuine progression is clearly observed.
  • Delegates will leave with greater confidence to face their audiences.
  • Presentations become impressive engaging performances which will add value to the organisation.

The Goals:

At this program's conclusion, participants will be able to make presentations that capture and hold audiences' attention - specifically delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the essential components of a presentation- who what why where when.
  • Be able to Identify and meet the needs of audience and organize information in a clear and concise manner.
  • Create an attention-grabbing introduction, a mid deliver high and a memorable exit.
  • Utilise mind mapping techniques to assist planning.
  • Learn to work from simple prompts.
  • Implement techniques for varying vocal tones and body language.
  • Develop and adopt strategies for handling questions and difficult audiences.
  • Control and manage the stress that presenting often creates.
  • Point out the benefits and pitfalls of various visual-aid options and audience seating arrangements.

The Process:

Participants learn how to create and deliver presentations to peers, management and clients. Emphasis is on delivering presentations that are designed to meet the needs of the audience and speaker. This workshop is highly practical, giving participants the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned. The atmosphere will be supportive and non-threatening. Delegates will be asked to develop a short presentation (maximum of five minutes) in advance, on a topic of their choice.

The Benefits:

Delegates will:

  • Be able to construct an impressive, engaging presentation from preparation to performance.
  • Learn to tailor their message to the needs of the audience.
  • Learn to project the voice with confidence and effect.
  • Pace a presentation to increase clarity, enhance presence and hold the attention of an audience.
  • Learn effective use of visual aids.

The Results:

  • The quality of presenting in the organisation will improve.
  • The organisation will develop a number of individuals who can role model and potentially coach others to deliver effective presentations.
  • Communication of key messages throughout the company will be improved.
  • Presentations to customers and clients will be more dynamic, better focused and structured to meet specific needs of the audience.
  • In sales terms and winning work this workshop could make a significant contribution to the bottom line margins of the organisation.

The Core Competencies:

  • Presentation skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Planning and organising.
  • Influence and personal Impact.
  • NLP (techniques for emotional control).

The Programme Content:

The building blocks of effective business presentations:

  • To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail.
  • Fears and concerns about presenting.
  • Working together and the feedback process.
  • Pre-prepared presentation on subject of personal choice. Presentation.
  • Key learning’s and outcomes.
  • Organising you presentation – Who? What? and Why?.

Giving structure to your business presentation:

  • Who is your audience? What are their needs?
  • Key elements of the message and why required?
  • Structuring the message: the BOMBER process (bang/ opening/ message/bridge/ examples/ recap).
  • Brainstorming materials.
  • Stage management, the physical environment and visual aids (i).
  • Practical Presentation II: opportunity to repeat delivery of I or differing choice.

The psychology of presenting: controlling self, stress and emotions:

  • Top ten fears – irrational fears of presenting.
  • Handling nervous reactions.
  • Vocal projection : stories and anecdotes.
  • The psychology of presenting (left and right brain) and maintaining audience interest.
  • VHF –NLP -engaging the audience lighthouse techniques.
  • Planning for presentation III.

Business presentations with style:

  • Managing your audience.
  • Handling difficult questions.
  • Handling difficult people!.
  • Practical Presentation III.
  • Video Feedback : the power of the captured image!.
  • Personal Reflections of presentation.

Fine tuning for perfect presenting:

  • Assessing personal performance.
  • Advanced tools to involve the audience.
  • Top Ten closing tips for business presenting.
  • Self belief: Positive affirmations about presenting.
  • Business performance coaching for success.
  • Action planning for personal, team and organisational improvement.

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