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Authentic Leadership: Courage, Coaching & Ethics


At the heart of leadership is trust. However, trust can quickly be undermined if subordinates and colleagues sense a leader is insincere, lacking in vision or unwilling to take responsibility. This seminar focuses on the role the leader has in shaping the way the team and the wider organisation reaches decisions and in resolving ethical dilemmas.

Highlights include:

  • Digging beneath the surface: values, beliefs and emotions.
  • Building personal credibility.
  • Formulating a coherent and shared vision for the future.
  • Investing in team growth through coaching and development.
  • Resolving ethical dilemmas.
  • Building trust within and beyond the team.


By the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Understanding your personal style.
  • Aligning individual, team and organisational goals.
  • Setting out your personal brand.
  • Developing others with integrity.
  • Enhancing key interpersonal skills.
  • Maximising long-term organisational outcomes.

Training Methodology:

The seminar uses a range of approaches to learning, including experiential group activities, individual exercises, mini-case studies and syndicate discussions. Formal inputs are used to introduce underpinning theory. A key part of the learning process is sharing the differing experiences participants bring, as well as experimenting with novel – and sometimes challenging – techniques. A psychometric instrument will be used to generate a personality profile, which will contribute to your understanding of your preferences and personal style.=

Organisational Impact:

Leaders who have the self-awareness and confidence to open themselves to colleagues and team members are better placed to win and retain trust, itself the bedrock of a positive organisational climate. By sharing and practising different ways of establishing a compelling vision, participants will be better able to focus on the longer-term needs of the organisation.

Persomal Impact:

This seminar will ask participants to challenge some of their preconceptions about themselves and their role as leaders. It will suggest a range of techniques for creating and sharing an authentic vision based on mutual trust and respect, and explore some alternative approaches to personal development.


DAY 1:

Courage and Leadership:

  • Courage & self-knowledge.
  • Behaviour, values and beliefs.
  • Leadership styles.
  • Limiting thoughts & behaviours.
  • Turning ideas into action.
  • Putting yourself on the line.

DAY 2:

Displaying Authentic Leadership Behaviours:

  • Emotions & emotional intelligence.
  • Building rapport.
  • Affective contagion.
  • Developing others as leaders.
  • Influence, authority & power.

DAY 3:

Developing Your Leadership Skills:

  • Creating a shared vision.
  • Communication skills.
  • Conflict management.
  • Personality and its ramifications.
  • Setting productive goals.
  • Thinking outside the box.

DAY 4:

Coaching for Peak Performance:

  • Coaching fundamentals.
  • Motivation & learning.
  • Feedback.
  • Empowering individuals & teams.
  • Creating a supportive environment.
  • Building high-performance teams.

DAY 5:


  • Dealing with ethical dilemmas.
  • Ethics and leadership.
  • Guide to ethical decision-making.
  • Corporate integrity check-up.
  • Corporate social responsibility.

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