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Benchmarking Workshop Practical Implementation To Gain Performance Excellence


Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
“Benchmarking consist of identifying what process you want to improve finding organizations that perform this process well, measuring which organizations do it best and their level of performance on the identified process, and study methods of identified organizations and apply them with suitable alteration to the work.”
You will learn about the Best Worldwide Practices in Benchmarking.  
You will understand the Step-by-Step Approach to Implementing Benchmarking in your Work, Your Department or Your Organization.
You will get an opportunity to Prepare a Detailed Action Plan for Implementing Benchmarking under the helpful supervision of a Benchmarking Expert.
Benchmarking is the tool you use to identify proven opportunities for improvement in your department and organization. It is used to systematically promote innovation and excellence in any of your business processes. It provides you an understanding of the gap between your existing performance and your strategic goal to become a world class organization. It can also be used to create innovative products and services that provide leadership recognition to you, your department or your organization.
This program shows you how you can practically implement Benchmarking in your organization, department or section. Though the concept of benchmarking is simple enough – the problem comes in its proper implementation, This program covers methodologies for Internal Benchmarking, Industry Benchmarking and Cross-Industry Benchmarking.
This program provides you the step-by-step methodology that you can use to use to take full advantage of benchmarking for the achievement of your strategic objectives.
This 2 week program includes a 6 day hands-on workshop where you will prepare recommendations & an action plan for your organization.

Program Content

  1. Benchmarking Concept and Business Models
  2. Benchmarking Vocabulary and Terminology
  3. Benchmarking Methodologies
    1. Internal Benchmarking
    2. Industry Benchmarking
    3. Cross-Industry Benchmarking
    4. Process Benchmarking
  4. Understanding and Collecting Information on Best Industry Practices
  5. Tools and Techniques
  6. Management System for Applying Benchmarking
  7. Benchmarking Project :
    1. Management System
    2. Identifying Improvement Process
    3. Finding Organization that do this process well
    4. Measuring Level of Performance
    5. Study Process
    6. Prepare Plan to Apply in your Organization
    7. Implement Process Change
    8. Measure Effectiveness
    9. Make Improvement Permanent
    10. Celebrate Success
    11. Auditing Benchmarking Projects

Workshop: Preparing a Benchmarking Implementation Plan for Your Work, Department or Organization

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