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Budgeting course


  • Review of budgeting Terms and Concepts
  • Analysing financial statements and setting a viable department budget
  • Forecasting a cash flow model from a budgeted income statement
  • Selecting the most profitable project(s) using different financial parameters
  • Examining alternative outcomes arising from using different costing techniques
  • Understanding the wide range of risk variables affecting a project
  • Overall departmental budgeting preparation exercises is the main objective.
  • Measurement Tools
  • The basic concepts of budgetary control
  • The process of budgetary control
  • Budgetary variance
  • Budgeting and management control systems
  • The strategic planning process and the budget as a plan
  • Aligning the budget with the organization’s strategy
  • Integrating strategic and financial planning with operational management
  • Budget as a control tool
  • Reviewing and measuring progress with proper variance analysis
  • Turnaround and corrective measures
  • Managing implementation as a continuous process
  • How to improve the process in your organization.

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