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Business Process Outsourcing - Management Skills


Program Content

In this program you will learn about...

  • Understanding Outsourcing Business Environment
    • Regulatory
    • Commercial
    • Logistics
  • Outsourcing Opportunities
    • How others are benefiting?
    • How the ground-rules are changing?
    • Business Models being Used
  • Understanding Outsourcing Business Processes (Flow Chart Approach)
  • Analyzing Your Organizational Needs
    • Products
    • Services
    • Speeding up of Deployment
  • Redefining Work for Outsourcing
  • Finding the Outsourcing Partner
  • Outsourcing Contract Conditions to Protect your Organization
  • Controlling the Transition Processes
  • Effective Outsourcing Monitoring & Management
  • Maintenance of Outsourcing Relationship
  • Outsourcing Pitfalls
  • Outsourcing Good & Best Practices (Great Source of Ideas You Can Immediately Apply to Your Existing Outsourcing Arrangements)
  • Outsourcing Action Plan for your Organization (Your Leadership Plan).

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