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Conference: Safety and Security Standards for Maritime Ports Management


Modern thinking tends to focus on security and safety in ports, occupational safety and health rules and instructions in ports, and compliance with environmental protection agreements.

Main topics:

  • Ships standards.
  • Rules and regulations of safety and health in ports.
  • Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Adhere to environmental protection agreements.
  • Mandatory counseling and Exceptions to guidance.
  • Dangerous goods.
  • Leaking from ships other than oil tankers.
  • Leaking from unspecified ships.
  • Compatibility with the environment.
  • Compatibility with international security requirements.
  • Regional Plan to Combat Pollution of the Sea.
  • Security control of ships in ports.
  • Ships and goods.
  • Requirements with respect to certain vessels.
  • Dangerous situations and emergencies.
  • Fire prevention.
  • Fire prevention, hazardous situations and emergency situations.
  • Notification for waste collection.
  • Remove things and materials.
  • Oil leakage from ships unlike oil tankers.
  • Waste delivery.
  • Delivery of the generated waste on the ship and the cargo waste.
  • Delivery of the goods waste.
  • Definitions of these rules and instructions.
  • Availability of information regarding dangerous goods.
  • Waste collection from ships.
  • Waste collection fees.
  • Government control on ships in the ports.
  • Withdraw previous rules and instructions.
  • Goods operations.
  • Compulsory counseling areas, counseling and exclusion from counseling.
  • Scope of duties (safety and health).
  • Transport and circulation of dangerous goods.
  • Transport, handling and storage of dangerous goods.
  • Employee duties.
  • Duties of employers.

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