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Corporate Work Culture Improvement


Program Overview

You will learn how to .....

Understand Organizational Culture,  Impact of Culture on successfully implementing improvement initiatives, Common Misunderstandings, Step-by-step methodology for Analyzing Organizational Culture and Implementing Improvements.

Program Content

  1. What is organizational culture?
  2. Impact this culture has on organization's performance and achievement of Strategic Objectives?
  3. How our improvement initiatives should be tailored to work for our organization.
  4. Essential Cultural Attributes for a 21st Century Globalized Organization including the Work Culture Universal Good Practices and Potential Beneficial Best Practices.
  5. The program will present the Culture Improvement Methodology using an easy step-by-step approach and assisted with adequate checklists - For the following stages... 
    1. Identifying your Organizations Real Detailed Strategic Objectives
    2. Analyzing the Work Culture required to Achieve the Strategic Objectives
    3. Culture Audit to find the Gaps between the Required Culture and the Existing Work Culture
    4. Formulating Projects for Creating the Required Organizational Culture and Sub Cultures in Various Units
    5. Sample Project Planning and Scheduling for Culture Change Projects.
  6. Case Studies
  7. Program Recommendations
  8. A Personalized Action Plan for the Participant.

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