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Customer Satisfaction Improvement Action Planning


Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
This program will provide the participant the know how to

  • Understanding customer satisfaction
  • Cost of not satisfying customers
  • Customer Satisfaction Measures
  • tools for measuring performance

Program Content

In this program you will learn about the ................…

  • Major Practical Issues
  • Industry Standard Terminology
  • Industry Methodologies, Standards Best Practices
  • Business Mapping of Operations
  • Flow Charts
  • Quality Assurance TQM Issues
  • Measuring the True Satisfaction Levels of Your Internal External Customers
  • How to analyze customer satisfaction?
  • How to set service standards?
  • How to grade customer expectations?
  • How to realign company structure?
  • How to assess performance and move forward?
  • Define customer needs assess how well you meet them
  • Evaluate competitor strengths and customer ratings
  • Compare your capabilities with customer expectations
  • Analyze cost, benefits and risks
  • Pick an improvement team
  • Prioritize opportunities
  • Target results
  • Allocate resources.
  • Planning Issues
  • Program Specific Technology Issues
  • Program Specific Information Technology Issues
  • Management Issues
  • Management Information Needs and Related Systems
  • Implementing Improvements

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