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Developing Consultant Level Capability in Implementing ISO-14001 Environment Management Standard


Program Overview

This program is applicable to any organization that wishes to...

  • implement, maintain and improve an environmental management system;
  • assure itself of its conformance with its stated environmental policy;
  • demonstrate such conformance to others;
  • seek certification/registration of its environmental management system by an external organization;
  • make a self-determination and self-declaration of conformance with this International Standard.
  • Including those planning analysis and auditing of...
  • the environmental policy of the organization
  • the nature of its activities and the conditions in which it operates

Program Content

Implementation requirements, checklists and environmental auditing covering... ISO-14001's...

  • Environmental Management System (EMS) Principles And Elements, Commitment And Policy
  • Commitment And Policy
    • Top Management Commitment And Leadership
    • Initial Environmental Review
    • Environmental Policy
    • Planning
    • Identification Of Environmental Aspects And Evaluation Of Associated Environmental Impact
    • Evaluate Significance Of Impacts
    • Legal And Other Requirements
    • Internal Performance Criteria
    • Environmental Objectives And Targets
    • Environmental Management Program
  • Implementation
    • Ensuring Capability
    • Resources - Human, Physical And Financial
    • EMS Alignment And Integration
    • Accountability And Responsibility
    • Environmental awareness and motivation
    • Knowledge, skills and training
    • Support action
    • Communication and reporting
    • EMS documentation
    • Operational control
    • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Measurement and evaluation
    • Measuring and monitoring (ongoing performance)
    • Corrective and preventive action
    • EMS records and information management
    • Audits of the environmental management system
  • Review and improvement
    • Review of the environmental management system
    • Continual improvement
  • Program Recommendations (Workshop)
  • Individualized Action Plan for the Participant (Workshop)

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