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Effective Contract Administration Skills


Program Content

  1. The Legal Environment in which Businesses Operate
  2. The New Thinking Tools for Productive Contract Administrators
  3. Who is responsible for what on the Contract?
  4. The Range of Possible Contractual Situations that can arise.
  5. The Actions Required to be Taken to Minimize Project Delay and your Contractual Liability.
  6. The Documentation to be Generated, including that for resolving usual disputes.
  7. Situations under which you should consult your Legal Advisers
  8. Protecting Your Project Your Organization
  9. Successful Contracting Strategies & Planning
  10. Quality Assurance in Contract & Claims Management
  11. Implementing Improvement in Contract Management
  12. Analysis, Review  & Audit of Agreements
  13. Contract Monitoring for Early Warning of Problems
  14. Organizational Contracting Procedures
  15. Preparation and Evaluation of Claims for Delays, Cost Compensations Variation Orders
  16. Winning Contract & Claims Negotiating Strategies

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