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Effective Personal Productivity


High productivity at work is never an accident. It is the result of the practical skills and strategies you will learn in this program, along with your commitment to personal improvement, hard work, and intelligence. You will learn how to become the type of rare high performer that organizations of all kinds and sizes say they desperately need and look to hire, retain, and promote.

The Goals:

In this program you will learn to:

  • Be willing to take full responsibility for your life and your success.
  • Under Increase your personal productivity by working smarter, faster, and better.
  • Resolve conflict situations constructively.
  • Become adept at negotiating win/win outcomes in everyday situations.
  • Understand the team concept, how to be a team player and promote teamwork.
  • Demonstrate initiative and leadership skills from your current position.

The Process:

The seminar uses the latest thinking in adult learning principles including experiential exercises, self-assessments, video dramatizations, skill practices, case studies, behavior modeling, and group discussion. The emphasis is on application rather than theory. It enables participants to learn new competencies and gives them the tools to apply them back home.

The Benefits:

Skills for Building Career Success gives employees advanced competencies in 3 critical categories for workplace excellence:

  • Personal productivity and effectiveness.
  • Teamwork and collaboration.
  • Leadership and initiative.

The Results:

The most effective organizations invest in their people. They realize that skilled and motivated employees are intelligent and resourceful people who continually improve their value and contribution to the organization. The subject matter in this course is based on over 20 years of research into those skill sets that will have the greatest impact upon the performance of employees and, therefore, upon the future of their organizations.

The Programme Content:

Day One:

Personal Accountability: Taking Full Responsibility

  • Learn the meaning and nature of personal responsibility.
  • Understand how you avoid taking responsibility for yourself.
  • Assess your willingness to accept personal responsibility.
  • Allow yourself to see the choices available in your life.
  • Claim “ownership” for the results of your life.
  • Understand the power and freedom that comes from accepting responsibility.
  • Understand the extend and limitation of your personal power.

Day Two:

Personal Productivity: Demonstrating Value-Added:

  • Manage your time and priorities for results.
  • Setting goals beyond S.M.A.R.T.
  • Project management skills for everyday task effectiveness.
  • Make meetings work better, weather you lead or participate.
  • Learn to make decisions and solve problems quickly and effectively.
  • Learn project management steps and guidelines.
  • Adopt some simple work habits to increase your productivity.

Day Three:

Conflict Resolution: The Road to Win-Win:

  • Define “unhealthy conflict” and how to keep from crossing into it.
  • Learn the five different conflict management styles.
  • Use a model to help you choose how to respond to potential conflict situations.
  • Assess which conflict styles you most often use.
  • Practice a three-step model for resolving conflict.
  • Decide to modify your conflict style and how to handle your current conflicts.
  • Learn the art of collaborative negotiation.

Day Four:

Teamwork: A Blueprint for High Performance:

  • Understand the team concept to excel in teamwork.
  • Define the three elements of High Performance teams.
  • Learn about the four types of teams.
  • Learn the different stages of team development.
  • Understand group dynamics.
  • Discover and optimize team member styles.
  • Become excellent at teamwork skills.
  • Learn how to promote teamwork.

Day Five:

Taking the Initiative: Look for Leadership Opportunities:

  • Why organizations value employees that demonstrate initiative.
  • Lead from where you are in the organization.
  • Understand the principles of effective leadership.
  • Leadership behaviours that you can put to work immediately.
  • How and when to lead your colleague and superiors.
  • Learn how to lead projects teams.
  • Delegation skills for non-managers.

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