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Enterprise Resource Planning


This course aims to provide you with fundamental concepts and latest development in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and to have a proactive attitude towards change management that is needed for ERP implementation.

Understanding fundamental concepts of the latest developments that are necessary to plan the activities of an enterprise and the extended supply chain is essential in order to effectively manage an organisation. This course explains systems and technologies that are necessary in managing an enterprise and how change management that is necessary for an ERP implementation can be applied and adapted.

The Goals:

  • Understand the importance of integrating enterprise resource planning issues in management.
  • Understand the major concepts and latest developments in enterprise resource planning.
  • Identify and justify the need for various tools, techniques and methodologies enterprise resource planning.
  • Have significant knowledge on relevant sub-systems of a system and have a proactive approach towards ERP implementation.

The Course Content:

  • The theory of constraints and ERP.
  • Sales and operations planning.
  • Buffer resource strategy.
  • Enterprise resource management.
  • Integrating the supply chain to reap the rewards.
  • Strategic sourcing and procurement.
  • Operations planning (material and capacity).
  • Requirements planning.
  • Product life cycle management.
  • Manufacturing execution system.
  • Distribution, implementation - generalised industry application.
  • Study resources.

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