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Essential Leadership Skills for Supervisors & Managers


Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...

Leadership is all about providing direction for your team. Leaders commit to Implementing Good & Best Practices, Creating & Implementing Innovation, Setting the Example, Creating Great Teams and Feeling of Job Satisfaction in their Areas.

  • This program will provide you the Essential Skills that will help you create a work culture that will bring productivity, job satisfaction and innovation to your department
  • This program is a basic leadership program typically useful for professionals before they are asked to assume supervisory or management responsibilities
  • The Program meets the ISO9001:2008 requirements for Basic Proven Capabilities of Supervisors and Managers before independent supervisory work assignment

Program Content

  • Understanding Good Management and Leadership
  • Good Management Practices and Checklist
  • Best Management Practices & Checklist
  • Leadership Processes and Checklist
  • A Continual Improvement System Methodology
  • A System for Commitment & Supporting Innovation
  • Supporting Processes
    • Systematic Organizing of Work
    • Effective Communications of Assignments & Objectives
    • Competency based Delegating of Work
    • Resource Planning & Management
    • Individual Needs based Motivating
    • Problem Solving 
    • Team-working
    • Coaching
    • Knowledge Management for Leadership
  • Your Individual Leadership Development Action Plan

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