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Fleet Management


This course is designed for Fleet Owners, Company Directors, Fleet Managers, Finance Managers, Fleet Administrators/ Supervisors who are seasoned professional in different facets of the business. It is also designed for people who are starting up in Fleet Management and aspire to be Fleet Managers one day. All these professionals share an interest to bring down their operation's Fleet operating expenses.

Who this course is for:

  • The Business Owner who is concerned about cost containment and as such wants to be hands on in the daily Fleet Operations of his/ her business.
  • Fleet Manager who wants to have more control of his/her Fleet and make improvements.
  • The Fleet Supervisor or aspiring Fleet Manager who wants to improve his /her skill base and expertise to bring about some operational efficiencies.
  • Seasoned professionals in various facets of the business like HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing, who because of their work naturally have an interest in fleet management.

Program Content:

  • Dispatch.
  • Movements control.
  • Understand the concepts of Fleet Management as a discipline and related applicable scientific principles.
  • Formulate a Fleet Policy and have a full view of critical policy issues that have to be included in that fleet policy.
  • Learn about the fleet life cycle and how intertwined and interdependent the life cycle stages are on one another.
  • Discover different methods of financing your fleet and also learn how to calculate total fleet costing.
  • Insurance premium calculations and other key techniques necessary to manage any fleet environment better.
  • Discover risk issues facing your fleet operation, how to evaluate risk and proactively take actions that allow you to make educated decisions on how to transfer risk cost effectively.
  • Learn how to perform critical expense control calculations for fuel, maintenance, depreciation, tyres.
  • Implement interventions that will bring about visible changes in your operation.

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