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ICALS International Certificate in Advanced Leadership Skills



Leadership is not something people are born with; leadership can be learned. All around the world businesses are realizing the power of great leadership. They realize the value it brings to the business and to individuals. They are also recognizing the significant costs of poor leadership. Leadership provides the motivation, incentive, and desire that leads teams and people to deliver extraordinary, world-class productivity, commitment, and quality of service. Becoming a great leader can make a very significant difference to your career. Great leadership is felt by everyone around you and becoming a performance leader means that others will not only follow you but will also want to do great work and be a part of your high performing team. The outcome of great leadership, then, is a success. Become a great leader now!


  •  Recognise the value of great leadership to the success of your career, your team, and your business
  •  Develop and demonstrate your personal leadership ethos and style
  •  Develop the drive and energy to achieve exceptional results
  •  Leverage relationships to generate individual, team business achievement
  •  Drive continuous improvement by raising performance standards of those around you
  •  Develop an action plan that will drive, change, and improve your leadership effectiveness

Course Outline

  • What is Leadership?
  • Why exceptional leadership matters
  • Leadership style
  • Strategic vision and direction
  • Setting clear direction and standards
  • Leadership Communication
  • Ambiguity or confusion
  • Leadership in action
  • and action planning
  • Planning, organization and control
  • Team Leadership and management
  • Driving performance
  • Evaluation, appraisal and how to raise performance levels to the level of the best
  • Leader as change agent
  • Inspiring Leadership

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