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Implementing Best Practice Processes in your Work and Organization


In this program you will learn about...
Specific Areas where you, your section, your department or your organization can take a Leadership Role.

Program Content:

Through this program Euro Training is providing you the benefits of the Best Practices it has researched and benchmarked organizations worldwide. These Businesses have applied the Best Industry Practices and have obtained  Exceptional and sometimes Dramatic Improvements in Meeting their short and long term Objectives.

  • How this Program Can do Wonders for You and Your Organization.
  • Continuous Improvement Methodology.
  • Understanding and Collecting Information on Best Industry Practices.
  • Tools and Techniques.
  • Management System for Applying Continuous Improvement.
  • Continuous Improvement Project Stages:
    • Management System Setup.
    • Identifying Improvement Opportunities.
    • Measure Level of Performance.
    • Study Opportunity Collect Data.
    • Prepare Plan to Apply in your Organization.
    • Implement Process Change.
    • Measure Effectiveness.
    • Make Improvement Permanent.
    • Celebrate Success.
    • Auditing Continuous Improvement Projects.
  • Understanding Strategy.
  • Industry Standard Terminology.
  • Industry Methodologies, Standards Best Practices.
    • Purpose, Vision, Mission.
    • SWOT Analysis.
    • Conducting Workshops for Identifying the Strategies.
    • Strategy Implementation Action Plan Preparation.
  • How well does your strategy work - for your company - and for individual business units?
  • Does it get results? If it fails in some areas - which ones? and why?
  • How good is your strategy-making process at gathering opinions and delivering strategies that win wide support and drive growth.
  • How well your business strategy is aligned with company needs?
  • How to target resources according to company capabilities and capacity - identify any potential mismatch?
  • How to Improve the way you develop new strategies?
  • Pinpoint discrepancies in the way your business strategy is implemented, and the results it delivers.
  • Implementing Improvements in Strategy Formulation, Updating and Implementation Processes.
  • Preparing a Customized Action Plan for your Department/Organization.

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