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Implementing Quality Assurance & TQM in Service Departments or Industry


Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
Service departments offer great opportunity for Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement. These departments have traditionally avoided reasonable measurement of performance - internal customer satisfaction - all this has now changed. Now dramatic measurable performance improvement in these areas has become possible - and it is measurable ! This program teaches the Analysis Methodology and Technology that makes this possible.
After attending this program the participant will be able to guide such an implementation, he will be able to prepare the required implementation plans and checklists.
Participants will normally be motivated personnel from all service departments including: Management, Engineering, Purchase, Utilities, Maintenance, Finance, Audit, Documentation, Administration, Personnel, HRD, Accounting...

Program Content

  • What is TQM and ISO9001?
  • What is Involved in TQM/ISO9001 (Services) Implementation?
  • TQM Overview. ISO9001:2010. . Product Standards: BS, DIN ...
  • Elements of Quality System as Applicable to Service Industries Government Departments:
  • Management Responsibility: Quality Policy, Objectives, Responsibility, Authority Management Review.
  • Personnel Material Resource Requirements: Motivation, Training, Communications.
  • Quality System Structure
  • Interface with Internal External Customers, Service Brief, Feedback Action System.
  • Service Design Control, Design Review, Design Validation and Design Change Control.
  • Quality Documentation System its Control.
  • Quality in Procurement, Purchaser Supplied Equipment
  • Service Identification Traceability
  • Service Delivery Process Control
  • Service Performance Analysis Improvement.
  • Nonconforming Service Control and Corrective Action
  • Deliverables Control
  • Internal Quality Audit
  • Statistical Techniques.
  • The Preliminary Audit.
  • Abilities required from person given


  • Need for Quality Assurance in Service Industries Government Departments.
  • Coordinating various department inputs into TQM/ISO9001:2010Implementation.
  • Demonstrability and Accreditation.
  • Certification Application Assessment Procedures.
  • Preparing an audit checklist for your organization. Self Assessment.
  • Application Procedure for third party assessment, Assessment procedure.
  • Issue of Registration Document, Post Registration Surveillance. Use of Symbols and logos, Publicity, Misuse etc..
  • Relationship of ISO 9001 Quality Management System with your Organization’s Management Information System.
  • Use of Computers Document Management Systems to aid TQM/ISO9001 Implementation.
  • Using Consultants to assist in Implementation. Where they can and cannot help.
  • Preparing a Presentation: A Plan for ISO 9001 (Services) Implementation in your organization.
  • Real-life ISO-9001 in Service Dept/Organization Implementation Workshop/ Case Study.

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