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Improving Application of Technology in your Organization or Department


Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
This program discusses

  • Understanding your company's technology
  • determining which technologies should be priorities for your company
  • determining what aspects of the company can be called technologies
  • Systematic breaking technologies down into component parts.

Program Content

In this program you will learn about the Organization’s Technology…

  • Practical Issues
  • Industry Standard Terminology
  • Business Mapping of Operations
  • Flow Charts
  • Quality Assurance TQM Issues
  • This program supplies tools to enable you to understand the technologies you use and apply.
  • How to conduct a strategic review (where might we want to compete?)
  • How to conduct a core competencies review (what are we good at?)
  • How to analyze your "Technology Base" and its key elements?
  • How to develop a "Technology Inventory"?
  • Analyze how well you develop/exploit different technologies
  • How to anticipate skill needs?
  • How to spot technologies that underpin your position?
  • How to use the stage-by-stage assessment to rank technologies and define their maturity, competitive position and competitive impact?
  • How to identify the resources and time required to achieve improvement - and the likely return on investment?
  • Planning Issues
  • Specific Technology Issues
  • Information Technology Issues
  • Management Issues
  • Implementing Improvements

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