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Industrial economy



The course is intended to the definition the industry and the industrial sector in various economic systems with a focus on the industrial sector and study the topics related to the industrial sector. The industrial economy is considered a distinct branch of the economy, which deals with economic problems, projects and industries and its relationship with society.

Course Content:

  • The concept of industry and the industrial sector in different economic systems.
  • Industrial endowment and methods.
  • Manufacturing strategies.
  • The reality and future of industry in different economic systems.

the first unit :

  • Definition of industry.
  • Historical overview of the emergence of industry.
  • The importance of industry in the national economy.
  • The concept of industrial economy.
  • Relationship of the industrial economy to other sciences.
  • The role of the industrial sector in the national economy.
  • Concept of industrial project.
  • The relationship of the industrial project to the industrial sector and the industrial economy.
  • Definition of industry structure.
  • The concept of the industrial sector.

The second unit :

  • Industrial classification and major industries in the world.
  • Industrial Classification in Developed Countries.
  • Industrial Classification in Socialist Countries.

The third unit :

  • Factors affecting industrial endowment.
  • Industrialization in the capitalist system.
  • Industrialization is the socialist economy.
  • Industrial settlement methods.

The fourth unit :

  • The concept of the ideal size of the industrial legislator.
  • Optimal size in the capitalist system.
  • The optimal size in the socialist system.
  • Methods of determination of the break-even point and their relation to optimal size.
  • Manufacturing strategies.
  • Manufacturing strategy for import substitution.
  • Export strategy for export.
  • Industrial Planning.

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