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International Treasury & Cash Management


Ensure that you are operating best practice in the current economic climate and receive the latest update on industry developments through the key topics

  • The role of the corporate treasurer 
  • Liquidity management techniques 
  • Domestic and international banking systems  
  • How customers choose banks for cash management purposes  
  • How the money markets work and how FX calculations work in practice 
  • The latest technologies and procedures within the industry
  • The various types of risk faced in corporate treasury
  • Cash forecasting and working capital management

Functions of Treasury Management:

The role of corporate treasury:

  • Typical models
  • Treasury centres
  • Front, middle and back offices
  • Cash and liquidity management
  • Risk management – interest rate and currency risk
  • Funding and investment
  • Policy framework
  • Measuring the impact of treasury

The elements of cash and liquidity management:

  • What is cash management
  • Why it is important to a company
  • What are the links between payments and cash management
  • The role of a corporate cash manager

Domestic and international banking systems – part 1:

  • Opening bank accounts and types of bank account
  • Domestic payment and collection instruments
  • Domestic clearing and settlement systems
  • Resident and non-resident bank accounts

Domestic and international banking systems – part 2:

  • International payment and collection instruments
  • International clearing and settlement systems

Value dating and float:

  • Value dating
  • The concept of float
  • Interest and bank charges
  • Managing costs and maximising returns

Multi-lateral netting:

  • Features
  • Technologies
  • Benefits
  • Extensions

Electronic banking:

  • What is electronic banking?
  • Electronic banking products
  • The treasury management system
  • What do corporates want from an electronic banking system?
  • Linking electronic banking to the corporate treasury management system


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