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Leadership Skills for High Performing Managers


In this program you will learn about...
Most managers are evaluated as average by their peers and superiors even though they posses good job specific skills and perform their job adequately. High performing managers are those who stand out because of the legacy they establish in their organizations. In this program we will understand these processes, develop methodology for choosing your legacy and understand the process of implementation of a leadership plan. A unique program empowering you to play a leadership role in your organization, your department or your section - to the benefit of your organization and your own career advancement.
This program provides the essential leadership skills required in managers and executives to be recognized as high performers in their organizations.
Each participant will go away with an action plan he can implement in a step-by-step manner in his organization.

Program Content:

Week 1:
Day 1:

  • Registration.
  • Program Introduction.
  • Program Overview.

Day 2:

  • Manager Role
  • Leadership Role
  • Understanding Good Management
  • Understanding High Performing Manager Attributes.

Day 3:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Leadership Skills
  • Developing Leadership Skills

Day 4:

  • Understanding Leadership Opportunities
  • Leadership Case Studies

Day 5:

  • Understanding Standard Structured Management Systems:
    • Customer Satisfaction.
    • Quality Assurance (ISO9001:2010, QS9000, TL9000, eSourcing).
    • Total Quality Management (TQM).
  • How to Prepare for Leadership Role.

Week 2:
Day 6:

  • Understanding Leadership.
  • Establishing a Legacy.
  • Key Leadership Process Management Capability:
    • Mobilizing People.
    • Providing Direction.
    • Building Teams to Support Legacy.
    • Demonstrate Technical Credibility.
    • Resisting Temptation to focus on Solving Technical Problems Yourself.
    • Not Relying on Formal Authority to Lead.

Day 7- 8:

  • Cause to Champion.
  • Keeping Informed of the Changing Business Environment:
    • General Economic Environment.
    • Industry Environment.
    • New Opportunities.
  • Continually Improving Leadership Work Processes.
  • Supporting Innovation.
  • Mobilization of Different "Work Cultures".
  • Assigning Strategic Work.

Day 9:

  • Workshop 1: Preparing your Leadership Strategy.

Day 10:

  • Workshop 2: Detailed Planning to Implement your Leadership Plan.

For all of above (and more) you will learn...

  • What it Means?.
  • How to Do? (Step by Step).
  • How not to Do?.
  • A Step-by-Step Implementation.
  • How to Leverage your Employees and Organizational Resources to build your performance capability.

After attending the program you should have an action plan to implement what you have learnt on your job. The action plan is developed individually (during the program) to suite your organizational needs.

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