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Middle Management Development Program


Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...
This program provides the participant all the skills he will need to move to Middle Management Position from his present Junior Management or Department/Section Manager Role.

Program Content

  • Understanding Middle Management Role
  • Understanding and Developing Organizational Objectives.
  • Translating Organizational Strategic Objectives into Your Middle Management Goals
  • Understanding Performance of Highly Rated Managers
  • Understanding the Process Approach to Management
  • Understanding Resistance to Change and Developing an Improvement Methodology that Overcome the Known Pitfalls to Change
  • Understanding and Implementing Minimum Good Management Practices for your Organization
  • Understanding the Concept of Best Practices
  • Investigating Best Practices to Apply in your Organization
  • Building your Organization Specific Knowledgebase of
    • Best Practices
    • Domain Knowledge
  • Coaching your Way to Leadership
  • Building your Leadership Legacy
  • Workshop
  • Action Plan Preparation

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