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Minimizing Safety Liability


In this program you will learn about...

  • Fundamental Understanding of the Professional Issues:
    • The Related Technology and Technical Issues.
    • The Management Issues.
    • The Work Processes.
    • Professional Standards.
    • Related Quality Assurance Methodology.
  • Aligning your Departmental, Process and Personal  Objectives with Organizational Mission, Vision, Strategic Objectives, Quality Policies and Requirements.
  • Specific Areas where you, your section, your department or your organization can take a Leadership Role.

Program Content:

  • Understanding the Policy
  • Regulations
  • Bigger Picture of the Key Issues Involved
  • Management & Security Practices for Corporate and Business Environment that lead to greater security, continuity of operations, Loss Prevention and Customer Focus your organization.
  • Emphasis is on Systems and Practices that ensure Internal and External Customer Satisfaction and Exceeding User Expectations.
  • Detailed step-by-step procedures to set up Security management practices including: Policy, Procedures, Work Instructions, Management Controls, Feedback and Continuous Improvement.
  • Conducting Corporate and Business Security Audits and Report Findings and Recommendations.

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