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Motivating by Promoting Entrepreneurship among your Employees


Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...

  • Fundamental Understanding of the Professional Issues.
  • Aligning your Departmental, Process and Personal  Objectives with Organizational Mission, Vision, Strategic Objectives, Quality Policies and Requirements.
  • Specific Areas where you, your section, your department or your organization can take a Leadership Role.

Program Content

  • What motivates employees? The answer is key to setting-up systems and processes that lead to superior performance by the employees.
  • Reality is every employee is different. What motivates them needs to be understood and analyzed in a systematic manner. This program helps you setup such a system.
  • Entrepreneurship - where the employee strongly agrees he is one of the business owners - is one important and a often missing approach in organizations.
  • This program will set-out the Different Alternate Strategies, Systems and Processes you need to implement to create Entrepreneurship in your organization.

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