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 Preparation, analysis and evaluation of the general budget and financial reporting (F2088) QR Code

Preparation, analysis and evaluation of the general budget and financial reporting


The main objective of the course:

Provide basic guidelines that help to formulate, present and report financial statements and reports effectively.

Course Contents:

Accounting system in government units and public authorities which have economic nature:

Its traditional and advanced objectives - financial control, and the efficiency of control.

Users of the outputs of the accountant works in the government and public economic units:

Administrative units, upper administrative levels, national accountants.

The steps of preparation and presentation the financial Reports:

Inputs, operation, outputs, and the nature of system outputs in both government units and economic nature public authorities.

Principles of Preparation and Presentation of Financial Reports:

The principle of uniformity, the principle of generality and non-allocation.

Financial Reporting Views:

Digital presentation of the reports, presenting the data reports using “Z” method, workshop and applications using the computer.

Preparation and presentation skills for the purposes of building the plan and the general budget:

The current budget for uses and resources, the capital budget, the problems evaluation the feasibility of public projects.

Preparation and presentation of reports for the purposes of follow-up skills and financial control:

Internal control in governmental units and economic nature public authorities:

On safes and stores, on receipts and payments, on purchases, on permanent and temporary advances, on the entrusting.

Preparation and reporting Skills for governmental units efficiency evaluation:

Main concepts in expenditure economics and cost fixing, problems of preparation and presentation of the competency assessment report.

Reporting skills for evaluating the government units and public economy units efficiency




Templates of control reports in governmental units and public economy units

Skills of preparation and presentation of audit (review) and examination of the accounts of government units and units of the general economy:

Checking program for the expenses and revenues of government units and public units of an economic nature.

Checking program for assests and liabilities

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